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Can Romney Win Over Hispanics?

Kenneth L. Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 4:41 PM
A more constructive column would point out that the only honest effort at immigration reform in recent times was by George W. Bush, that Obama has NOT made immigration reform a priority, that, in fact, Obama has perpetrated a fraud on this issue in cahoots with Harry Reid. Immigration reform is no less a "third rail" for Romney than it is for Obama. Ms Chavez, tell Hispanics that they need a conservative president so they can get jobs and resume their pursuit of the "American dream."
topknot Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 5:36 PM
All Obummer wants them for is an illegal vote he has done it before and he will try it again .I hope and pray we never have another black in office I know there is good black people out there that could run our country very well but Obummer and Michelle have really damaged any chance they may have. Just like old Charlie Rangle did the mexican.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney travelled to New Mexico this week in search of the state's 5 electoral votes, but he has a significant hurdle to overcome. The latest Rasmussen poll numbers in the state show Romney trailing the president by 14 percent.

Romney began his campaign in Hobbs, New Mexico, by talking about his energy plan. It's good politics to talk about energy in the West, where the energy business provides lots of job and economic growth. But Romney's problem in the state has little to do with energy and much to do with demographics.

Romney has,...