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Bell's Postulate: How To Rescue The GOP From The Grave Karl Rove Is Digging For It

Kenneth L. Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 10:03 AM
Give up on the Constitution? Why? What problem would that solve? This question implicitly tells us what the liberal view of government is: it needs to overcome the will of the people. Our Constitution has within it the means to make any change necessary, through the amendment process. Any change really supported by the people will be made without difficulty. Liberal/progressive/democrat supporters of "activist" juducial nominees are trying to thwart the will of a majority of their own contituents. Call them on it! There is no justification for working to overcome the mandates or limitations of the Constitution except an acknowledgement that they are trying to do something not supported by the people.

Is the GOP going the way of the Whigs? And, if so, can a new enthusiastic determination to defend our Constitutional rights save it?

Jeffrey Bell, policy director for the American Principles Project (which this columnist professionally advises), presents a compellingly grim scenario in a recent column, entitled Losing Streak: The Democratic Ascendency and Why It Happened, in The Weekly Standard.

Bell was one of the key intellectual architects of the Reagan-era Republican ascendancy. On top of his important work for Reagan and his own U.S. Senate race, Bell’s greatest impact may have been that of his role as one...