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Doug Giles’ Cure for the Skinny Punks Who Viciously Bullied the Granny on the Bus

Kenneth518 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 6:56 PM
The real question is weren't there any Boy Scouts on that bus? Where were the future varsity atheletes, football, hockey, wrestling? Everyone of my Boy Scouts, I was a proud Asst. Scout Master, could have whooped the day lights out those punks. If I were their coach when they reach High School, and I knew they were on that bus, they would have to do some real proving of themselves before they would even be considered for 1st string. I am talking about any future athletes who were on that bus. It is highly doubtful these creeps have the gonads to even try out for any contact sports. God bless, yours in Their Hearts, Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.
Elizabeth420 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 7:21 PM
Kenneth: There were no high school age kids on that bus, only middle school age ones & therein
lies the problem--middle school age students are the most vicious & ruthless of the breed. One
cannot appeal to them with reason, logic, humor or even peer pressure. One cannot appeal to
their honor or humanity, because they are bereft of both--this is all due to their "hormone poisoning"!
MG formerly minnesotagrandma Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 7:39 PM
You may not be able to "appeal" to them but you CAN control them. I've seen it done. MaryAnne has the right idea. Hit them hard(metephorically) and shame them. It may not change anything when you're not around but they WILL respect YOU.
Personally, in MY exchanges with kids of ALL ages I have generally recieved the respect I give.
Elizabeth420 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 7:52 PM
MG: The approach suggested by mary ann does work if one is a regular bus driver
on a set route, but God forbid one should be a substitute driver for a route full of
these little monsters. In that case, all one can do is to momentarily make their
little lives miserable--I have done this in the past, by singling out the kids who
were behaving appropriately & dropping them off first, thus making the "bad" kids
have to endure a longer bus drive home & pulling over whenever necessary, to
prolong the agony even more. The system for which I drive will not let us do any-
thing more to actually discipline the little darlings. We can only document the
infractions, if we know their names & turn in the paperwork to the admin.
mary anne24 Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 7:07 PM
I have seen this bullying of teachers and other kids so many times and I hate to tell you but I can't remember ever seeing a kid step in in a similar situation. If a kid is getting beat up, I've seen kids step in and break it up. but never in a situation like this. Even the good kids watch and do nothing. They may want to do something. I hope I raise my kids to stand up to these types. I have been on the receiving end, worse than the bus driver in the video, and I ignore it. Most other kids stare at me waiting for me to do something, and I don't disappoint. I often resort to bringing the child to tears with words, but they learn not to talk to me that way. I had to learn the hard way...otherwise, I would be that bus driver every day.

The video of Karen Klein, a 68-year-old granny who was bullied beyond belief by a gaggle of 13-year-old pukes went viral last Wednesday. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is (viewer warning).

What these little 666s did to this passive, sweet lady—ultimately bringing her to tears—was truly disgusting. If these hellions would have sadistically berated a black or gay kid (or a black gay kid) Al Sharpton and Dan Savage would have pulled a groin muscle leaping to the occasion, and these little devils would have justly been hauled to juvey court facing a five-year lockdown and...