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As France Goes, so Goes Europe?

Kenneth460 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 8:48 PM
"Yet, as no EU country has a birthrate that will enable it to replace its present population, immigration is certain to continue," Non-sequitur. Japan, for one, would rather have a declining and graying population than adulterate its precious monoracial identity. Unfortunately white, Northern European, Christian America long since abandoned its founding homogeneity and swallowed the post-Lincoln snake oil of multiracialism and melting pots. There is no successful multiracial country in the world, and the USA has only held together (following a war which killed nearly a million of its men) by being cowed into unity through the largely imaginary threat of foreign enemies: the Nazis, the Japs, the Reds, the Yellow Peril and now the Muslims.
Kenneth460 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 8:52 PM
The Big Scary Underpants Bomber is so lame a scare, even by the military-security complex's standards of crummy propaganda, and Americans' trust in their politicians so low, that I expect the republic to splinter into several, largely race-based states before 2050 unless the Federal appaatus of taxing the thrifty and diligent to subsidize the deadbeats of welfare and government jobs is severely cut back.

But even the Gipper didn't have time to give the bureaucracy the ax, and for sure Willard Mittens (In the unlikely event of his being elected) won't even try. So the whites and their allies, the orientals, Jews (if they can be weaned off liberalism) and the Indians, will have to secede or be bled by the parasites.

When survival is at stake, one may hear from a politician not what he believes -- but what he thinks the people deciding his fate wish to hear.

By that standard, what do the people of France, in the final weeks of their presidential election, wish to hear from their candidates?

President Nicolas Sarkozy seems to believe his countrymen are in a deeply nationalistic frame of mind.

Five million Muslims live in France, but he is cracking down on Islamists. He is demanding that the Schengen Agreement, under which Europe's nations maintain open borders, be renegotiated. If immigration...