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This guy Ryan is so fiscally conservative that he wants to balance the budget in (gulp) thirty years' time! And in between now and then he wants to protect the military budget from any cuts whatever, earning him the undying gratitude of the military industrial complex Ike warned us not to be fooled by. The warmongers will go on inventing enemies to justify taxes being spent on 'smart' weapons that fail to win wars of choice and pre-emption. The most socialist part of America-- the armed forces and those who supply them-- will be sheltered and subsidized while the neocons and Israel Lobbyists tell the pols which nation to knock over next. Welcome to Camp US, going bust.
There are two characteristics of armchair war-whoopers and chickenhawks.. First, they project their animus and low self-esteem on to those who simply want the USA to butt out of overseas quarrels, and call it 'hate'. If so, George Washington was our most hate-filled president. Bombing Muslim nations to bits is 'love', I guess. Secondly, they never get beyond ad homs, since they know their screaming for intervention is against the national interest (assuming that is where their true loyalties lie.) But the increasing indifference of most Americans trying to get by to demands that they crusade round the planet indicates that this crude psychological blackmail is failing. Playing Globocop is a luxury we can no longer afford.
"Republicans seem to want Akin gone as soon as possible, for obvious reasons." For the obvious reason that the RINO, neoconized, liberal-pandering Republican Party is no longer brave enough to speak up for unborn Americans? Or the almost as obvious reason that the rich creeps who captured this party's leadership and turned it into a vehicle for endless wars abroad and socialism-lite back home don't care if babies live or die? What hacks me off is not the silly comment of the guy himself but the cowardice of his fellow-Repulsicrats. Though he too was a coward. He could have looked his inquisitor straight in the eye and said "I don't like kids being murdered in or halfway out of their mother's wombs, bud- how about you?"
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Romney Shines in Israel

Kenneth460 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 1:34 PM
It's more than 'sporitual ties' with Israel, its hundreds of millions of your bucks. Still, it's nice to know when the USA is going down the pan economically that what will really swing the election will be how polite each candidate can be to their paymast--, sorry I mean Our Eternal One True and Indivisible Ally, already. The members of the Knesset welcomed Mittens by asking him to spring Jonathan Pollard from jail. I bet the ghosts of the Liberty crew were cheering. And if Sheldon Adelson comes up with a few more millions for the campaign, who knows if Pres. Mittens might not enable us to get into our fifth exciting and triumphant war in the Mideast. Iran, let's go-- limbering up for the big one with Pakistan!
Dr Paul has kept real conservatism, real constitutionalism and non-intervention alive within the Republican Party. The crypto-statist, country club elitists who sell the pass every time to liberals may be in charge of the nomination, but the only hope for the GOP's future lies with Rand Paul and the reservoirs of educated, youthful, enthusiastic Republicans who have been recruited to Paulism. The Lamestream Media cannot allow this upsurge to be recognised because the corporate interests hand in glove with government to freeze out the popular will own the press and television. But the message is spreading under the radar. If you want America to guard its own frontiers and have honest money, there's no way but Ron's and Rand's.
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Republicans Have Bad Brains?

Kenneth460 Wrote: May 03, 2012 10:10 AM
"...his new book The Republican Brain, which purports to show that conservatives are, literally by nature, more closed-minded and resistant to change and facts." That's a non-sequitur for a start, because the Republican Party is not conservative, it's liberal-lite. As a National Review neocon Goldberg knows all about the liberal mindset. Urging America to go careering round the planet starting wars for abstract concepts, wallowing in permanent revolution and "creative destruction", backing a security state that meddles with citizens' liberties, cheerleading for immigration? The neocons, direct descendants of Trotskyism, are the biggest rapid-reaction utopian junkies of all.
Everyone born in this country is a Native American (which Obama ain't, btw). In better days anyone with Injun ancestry kept quiet about it.
Cal Coolidge, because he did the least and talked the least.
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Issues vs. 'Distractions'

Kenneth460 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 9:39 PM
Well, of course a Romney-Obama matchup is going to be full of trivial pseudo-spats about non-events Why would one expect anything else when a RINO 'fights' a bland centrist Dumbocrat? Where's the substantial disagreement? About a lunatic foreign policy of riling up the world while we spend half its 'defense' budget and go bust to the communist Chinese? About whether there's a Big Scary Muslim threat or the whole scam is got up by the military-security complex and the Israel Lobby? About whether we should kill huge parts of the DC bureaucracy, return powers to the states, slash taxes and leave people to get on with the business of living? A fauxcon Mormon versus a careerist mulatto-- gee, don't it make the pulse race!
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Lifetime's Perky Prostitute

Kenneth460 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 9:32 PM
Yikes, one American in a hundred saw this terrible show. I tremble for the future of my country. On second thoughts, crime is plummeting, hard drug use on the decline, divorce rates falling and marriage rates picking up, illegitimacy and abortions reducing, and all this after, what, fifty years of moral degeneracy on the tube? Ever since Brent Bozell stopped watching the Beverly Hillbillies and started tut-tutting for bucks. It's tough being a professional moral panic-stirrer in today's shrinking market.
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