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Yes because it will take him 2 years to find the white house.
Almost 6 years to find out who this guy is when anyone with just half a brain knew in 2008. It is a shame what this country has had to go through to get to this point..
Are these not the same people that posted photos of Russian navel ships and said they were ours? Now these are the new real american's.
This is what happens when they did not close the border to the fools from Mass.
OH how happy Bill (cop killer) Ayers life long dream of destroying the United States with the help of stupid gov that have no idea where this is all coming from. The three R's worked for years. Go back to them
Went to the grocery store this morning and eggs were double the price of last year. But the government keeps telling us there is no inflation. The very same government who said they signed up 8 million for health care. Ha-ha-ha-ha so funny.
The only reason our children are not safe goes back to LBJ and his welfare law. Everything and I mean everything can be traced back to him.
Why did you not talk about oBUINo's friend Bill (cop killer) Ayers who was up to his eyeballs in this?
Time to look in a mirror and practice the government salute. Put your left fist on your chest and extend your right arm straight out and high in the air. Now say out loud HEIL oBUMo.
Nancy could not name two forefathers if you spotted her three names.
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