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Went to the grocery store this morning and eggs were double the price of last year. But the government keeps telling us there is no inflation. The very same government who said they signed up 8 million for health care. Ha-ha-ha-ha so funny.
The only reason our children are not safe goes back to LBJ and his welfare law. Everything and I mean everything can be traced back to him.
Why did you not talk about oBUINo's friend Bill (cop killer) Ayers who was up to his eyeballs in this?
Time to look in a mirror and practice the government salute. Put your left fist on your chest and extend your right arm straight out and high in the air. Now say out loud HEIL oBUMo.
Nancy could not name two forefathers if you spotted her three names.
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Mitch McConnell Under Fire

Kenneth437 Wrote: Feb 17, 2014 2:22 PM
This guy has said if the GOP takes the senate the first thing he would do is go back to the 60 vote rule. Boy talk about a stupid leader.
Wait until the NLRB rules that 100 votes were found in the trunk of a car, and they were all for the union.
It won't be long before we can abort up to the age of 26. I pick that age because the dems think they are still little kids not able to take care of themselves, so lets abort them.
Yea I trust the court toooooo do the right thing. (NOT)
Just another demoRAT. Fool the voter.
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