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It’s (Almost) Official: Mitt Romney Clinches GOP Nomination With Win in Texas

kenneth436 Wrote: May 29, 2012 11:43 PM
Oh! So Romney needs Ron Paul supporters? I never would have known, considering the treatment they have gotten throughout this primary season. Sorry. Writing in Ron Paul will be a pleasure for me. What will you do when you are presented with a choice equivalent to either Stalin or Mao? Will you still try to choose the lesser of two evils? Good luck, suckers.
Imiss40 Wrote: May 30, 2012 6:22 AM
No, what I am asking for is a unified front to defeat Emperor Downgrade.
Panda Wrote: May 30, 2012 1:06 AM, is now pro-life.

6. Taxes: OBAMA: Raise taxes on job creators. ROMNEY: Cut corporate taxes to 25%, cut personal tax rates by 20% across the board.

7. Budget: OBAMA: $21 Trillion deficit in 10 years. ROMNEY: Approve Ryan Plan for $5.3 Trillion less spending, along with Entitlement Reform.

8. Wars: OBAMA: Phone in airstrikes from vacation in Brazil. ROMNEY: Consult Congress and seek formal declaration before going to war.

I could go on and on, but here's the main point: These two are worlds apart, and kenneth knows it. Kenneth just wants Obama elected, and he's trying to help in any way possible.

Stalin-Mao . . . what a load of crap.
Panda Wrote: May 30, 2012 1:00 AM
1. Obamacare: OBAMA--Keep and expand it. ROMNEY--Repeal it, stop the unelected 15-member rationing board, no national mandate, unleash consumers.

2. Illegal Immigration: OBAMA--Encourage it in all possible ways. ROMNEY--Secure the border, punish sanctuary cities, mandate E-Verify, mandate Voter ID, deport if necessary, illegals go to end of the line.

3. Energy: OBAMA--Solyndra X 1000. ROMNEY: Unleash domestic drilling on public lands, off both coasts, ANWR, and pass the Keystone pipeline on day 1.

4. Judges: OBAMA--Put a racist and a Leftist activist on Supreme Court. ROMNEY: Appointments guided by Robert Bork.

5. Abortion: OBAMA--Legalize all and pay for all with tax dollars, including partial birth. ROMNEY: Was...
Panda Wrote: May 30, 2012 12:54 AM
Ken, you act as if we look at Paul supporters as mere numbers to be sought, but you're mistaken. Every Romney supporter I know--every single one--LOVES the idea of Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary, complete with Ron heading up the complete overhaul of all Federal Agencies and auditing the Fed.

As for your claims of bad "treatment" for Paul supporters, puh-leeze! All supporters of every candidate were beaten up in this primary. The only difference is, Paul's supporters (and to a lesser extent, Santorum's) aggressively and joyfully provoked it.

As for comparing Romney/Obama to Stalin/Mao, I'll just put down a few "minor" differences between Romney and Obama:

After almost a full year on the campaign trail, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has finally been (unofficially) crowned the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

Romney led the pack when he announced his second run for the White House last June, and he has watched his rivals for the nomination slowly trickle out as their own wins looked increasingly unlikely.

The delegates necessary to put him over the 1,144 necessary for the GOP nomination came in Texas, the lone state to vote this week. Romney entered the day 78 delegates away from the magic number, and on Tuesday...