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You're the disgrace, commie.
Ron Paul is the new rock star on campus now.
Who is John Galt?
Your understanding of Objectivism is lacking, to say the least. Why does helping a little old lady have to be selfless? Can one not see value there as well as in a flower, a beautiful woman or a dollar? Rational self interest need not equate to simply a pursuit of wealth.
You talk a good game. If you're not voting for the only free market advocate, Ron Paul, then you're as bad as the rest.
You are a fool. Free markets have not existed in America for at least one hundred years. Obama. Romney. Same animal. Goldman Sachs tools. Ron Paul 2012
You have as much credibility with me as your grammar warrants, fool.
In this age of accomplishments like "no child left behind", medicare part D, and perpetual wars that gain us nothing, zero accomplishment sounds good to me. Ron Paul will be remembered as the man who told you so when you would not listen.
I've gone down the line and read many of your comments. All I can say to you is..... Baaah, sheep. Baaaaah.
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