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Winning the Defense Spending Debate

kenneth416 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 5:09 PM
continued-- aircraft refueling tankers, which they finally awarded to Boeing, after a bribery scandal by a Boeing exec and a second round when Boeing was NOT the low bidder? Really, 179 tankers? How about the mandate that, wherever possible, the military use "alternative fuels (which cost much more than plain old bunker oil, gasoline, or JP4? How about the mandate which requires large, prime contractors to subcontract some percentage of the work to small businesses? And on and on--I would gladly take on the task for just 1% of the savings.

With no time to recover from a thorough election day whooping, Republicans in a lame duck Congress are facing an even worse budgetary nightmare than last year. And they only have two months to negotiate a solution with President Obama.

Last time, as the Chair the Balanced Budget Amendment campaign, fellow conservatives and I were urging Republicans to tie the unavoidable increase in the debt ceiling to a balanced budget amendment. Because it also prohibited tax increases, the amendment would have required balance to be achieved through necessary cuts throughout the federal government.

But in...