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The New Welfare Queen: Getting "Crazy" Checks

kenneth416 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 12:19 PM
Damn, Jerome49, if Klinger had known this, he could have modified his approach and got out of the Army. But, then, we would not have all those MASH re-runs to watch, in which he walks guard duty in a short skirt and uplifting bra.

Last week, Investor’s Business Daily ran a piece on the 5.4 million Americans that have joined disability rolls under President Obama. It was a thoughtful piece, but it missed the point of the amount of abuse of this system that allows millions of young American men to drop out of the workforce and get paid to cool their heels.

It’s an epidemic nobody talks about because it could bleed into the sensitivity associated with legitimate recipients of social security disability insurance payments. The program provides money to people too young to get social security and unable to work.

The problem...

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