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No Way Out

kenneth416 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 6:29 AM
Maybe Dr. Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are the mythical perpetual motion machine or King Midas. He/they seemingoly think that the laws of economics can be altered simply by innovative interference with the money supply and that he/they can CREATE wealth simply by cranking up the printing presses even more. It would not surprise me if Engraving and Printing institutes a fourth 8-hour shift so that they can work 32 hours each day instead of only 24 hours. Can no one stop Bernanke? Does Congress have no way to fire him?

By upping the ante once again in its gamble to revive the lethargic economy through monetary action, the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee is now compelling the rest of us to buy into a game that we may not be able to afford.  At his press conference this week, Fed Chairman Bernanke explained how the easiest policy stance in Fed history has just gotten that much easier.  First it gave us zero interest rates, then QEs I and II, Operation Twist, and finally "unlimited" QE3. 

Now that those moves have failed to deliver economic health, the Fed has doubled the size...