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Democrats to Propose Increasing Unemployment at Convention?

kenneth416 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 11:46 AM
I heard a rumor that the Democrats plan to buy a fleet of huge helicopters and all the $100 bills which Dr. Bernanke's Federal Reserve can print between now and the election. The plan is to drop a full load on every city with 100,000+ population, with extras for the larger cities. That way, they can claim, with some truth, that people are better off than they were when Obama assumed the presidency.

Rumor has it that Democrats will include, at their up-coming convention, a proposal to increase the minimum wage.  As documented in a recent Cato study, such a policy is likely to increase unemployment, especially as I noted elsewhere among teenagers.   One would think that given how a weak economy is undermining Democrats’ chance to keep the White House, they’d actually make proposals to reduce, rather than increase unemployment.

Perhaps the most bizarre, but honest,

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