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If the Republicans running for President do not give a clear jobs and nothing but jobs plan,I will hold my nose and vote for Hilary to have a divided government that will at least not spend.
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Kenneth414 Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 7:35 AM
Well written. Starting at !6 $5, 17 $6, 18 $7. A part time job for a 16 year old working 10 hours is $50 a week. That is a lot of spending money. Ken Krieger Cape Coral , Florida
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What Drives Anti-Fracking Zealots?

Kenneth414 Wrote: Sep 21, 2014 9:23 AM
The whole world only uses 1.5 trillion gallons of oil a year. That again, is only 1.5 trillion gallons a year. A cubic mile is 1.1 trillion gallons. All of the oil ever produced in the world would cover about a 100 square miles. Compared to forest fires and volcanoes erupting, oil is a minor pollutant. The latest idea is that CO2 causes cooling and the Greenies have got it backwards. So it would follow that the lowering of CO2 causes warming and stronger hurricanes, that are bought to America by the greenies. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral Florida
Race Baiting by Democrats makes Black Americans feel inferior. If you are told over and over that you are smart and beautiful you become confident and happy. If you are told that racism is everywhere and that you can not make it, you feel inferior and you give up. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral, Florida
Both Democrats and Republicans have very little morality. It is the conservatives who want to give a hand up, never handouts.. During Obama's first 2 years when Democrats had the majority in Congress they could have passed gay marriage and given Mexicans citizenship, but they did not lift a finger. The political parties want to high light division to keep political power. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral, Florida
Why is a classroom never paid for? We spend on average $250,000 per year on a classroom nationally. A teacher is worth about $50,000 per year. Add utilities, maintenance and books for a total of $100,000. Where is the other $150,000? Home school kids test as well as the brain washed government school kids. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral, Florida
David Plouffe was on Bloomberg TV selling the Obama Care coverage lie. Hey liar , how come Obama and the Democrats didn't and pass Gay Marriage and give illegals citizenship when your party had the majority during the first 2 years of the Obama Administration? You want the issue year after year is the answer. You think Gay Marriage, illegal immigration and the terribly written Obama Care will be the gifts that keeps on giving votes as your party stirs the pot to divide Americans. Black Americans can not be equal as long as they believe your divisive rhetoric. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral Florida
In the spirit of Day light Savings Time. Hillary and Obama fell back and Putin decided to spring forward. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral, Florida
The $64,000 dollar question? Why does the average tax payer whom earns less and retires with only Social Security forced by the Democrats to pay the unions, which are really employees of the average worker, more income and retirement than they receive? Kenneth Krieger Cape Cora,Florida
I know that understanding the reason for jobs loss and other government lies is important but I want to give a solution. JOBS CREATE MORE JOBS POVERTY CREATES MORE POVERTY The rule of 72 crutch allows anyone to understand the budget. 72 divided by 6 (6%) takes 12 years to double, or 72 divided by 12 (12%) takes 6 years to double. A 16 trillion dollar economy that has deficit of one trillion every year is going into debt at about 6% every year to double the deficit every 12 years,or a 32 trillion dollar deficit. We have about 160 million working. Increase the work force by 10 million gives us a 6% increase in workers and almost a 6% increase in GDP. Add to that 6% the present growth of about 2% and an 1% extra growth from that new activity and we have a 9% growth rate and the economy will double every 8 years. 72 divided by 9% doubles in 8 years to be a 32 trillion dollar economy. I would use 300 billion of corporate taxes without any loss of tax revenue by giving a $30,000 direct bottom line tax credit for each new employee hired. The tax revenue would be 45 billion in payroll taxes, ( Social Security and Medicare), income tax at the local state and Federal level, student loans are paid back, housing is being paid again, less unemployment paid out, people stop retiring early because of job loss, and many other taxes. Obama would spend an extra trillion a year to cause more job loss and put us into debt twice as fast. My way the recession would be over tomorrow and our economy would grow twice as fast. The Chinese are growing at 9% to double every eight years to be a 256 trillion dollar economy in 32 years that can buy everything in the world. If we do not grow we need to learn to speak Chinese. They say we take out 3 times more Social Security than we put in. Not by my math. If they had bought bonds at 4% our Social Security fund would be 2 times bigger in 18 years and 4 times bigger in 36 years. They should treat our Social Security as a trust fund not as a slush fund to buy votes. Can you now teach the rule of 72 to America? This is a quick addition. Please compare my plan to Obama”s latest $300 billion infrastructure spending plan that will create almost no jobs and add to the deficit. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral, Florida
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