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Who's excluding anyone from "human compassion"? Government coercion is not the same thing as charity. Give all want and encourage (not legislate) compassion to any individual you like.
No, the myth is that a lifetime of government assistance doesn't discourage the young, healthy and members of all demographic groups (except the already-employed) from seeking jobs that pay slightly more than the assistance benefits provide; and that that mindset doesn't carry over to when they become elderly and disabled. Or that it isn't historically demonstrable that people better contribute to a vibrant and growing economy when they have to look for work outside their "comfort zones" when such assistance isn't readily available.
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Choices We Don't Want Women To Make

kenle2 Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 10:19 AM
I'm sorry, but you ignored Mona's questions about how government is supposed to fix the problem of "horrible" day care and what that means in terms of people's tax burdens and wages. If you assert (correctly) the right to make your own decisions about bringing children into the world, then you have the responsibility of providing for them. Plenty of people voluntarily offer assistance when children are deprived of basic necessities of life through accident or life's hardships, and very few conservatives want to eliminate all government services to such children, but demanding that everyone else pay for the financial consequences of all your choices means an ever-expanding government and an inevitable regimented, state-centric approach to childcare. I'm happy things worked out for you to go to college, but simply stating "no woman should have to make the choice" is, just as Mona said, a "magic wand" statement. I encourage you to organize your family, friends and neighbors to provide whatever level of daycare you can afford to provide, or to build your own private daycare center. If you don't have the time, energy or resources to do so, then please do not insist that I and every other citizen provide them for you under penalty of the tax law. Threatening to send your neighbors to jail if they don't pay for your choices is not likely to make them feel "fulfilled" when working to pay those taxes. This is not "selfish" or "un-Christian", it's a simple realization that trying to provide cradle-to-grave assistance to 300+ million people is a recipe for disaster, since more "necessities" will always be discovered by representatives of those demanding the services.
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