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The thing most columnists missed is that Plouffe has been hired for Crist by Obama! As campaign manager!! Precision (New name for the crew that won the last Obama election) has been brought down to Florida with Plouffe to make an all out push for Obama's Governor Good old Carlie who has been a Republican, Independent and now a Democrat! You guys should be keeping up on this!!
Someone look up the placing Prisoners from prison and other institutions into Obama Care. Three (3) million probably to medicare. The question is will those count in the numbers being touted? I do know they're being put in!
We know of course that close to 3,000,000 enrolls were incarcerated prisoners? The questions are: Were they put in as paid or into medicaid? You folks should tell us that!
Our dollar is nearing at all time historic lows against other currencies. We have no real heavy industry manufacturing to speak of. We see commodity prices once again begin to rise. Our debt is historic and we have no privacy or much economic freedom left. Oh yea! Our rich are sending their money offshore and establishing new citizenship in record amounts. Our Private sector work force is making approximately 61,000 average salary and pension per year while Federal Employees make 123,000 approximately in yearly wage and pension per year according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. And yet we still have people defending or apologizing for this president. WHY? Our private middle class is now smaller as a percentage than any time since the great depression! Our private sector employment is lower as a percentage of population. President Obama is now unashamedly trying to become dictator of a forming socialistic empire and we seem to be letting him and not making it very clear what he's doing. I suppose his willingness to use IRS as secret police and scare people may be working.
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Budget Baloney

Kenezen Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 9:35 AM
I am a constitutionalist unapologetically! This President is a violation himself of the spirit and the basis of our Constitution while attempting a Socialistic conversion that has been underway since he taken office. He has steadfastly wooed the poor and unemployed of which he has created in great numbers. And yet we do not hear these kinds of statements. Why is the Republican groups so timid? It's an easy prediction! he's not leaving! His entire activities say that in bold letters! Why isn't the Republican far right who can withstand pressure trumpeting that prediction? People want to hear that!!
This writer is either trying not to be direct or in error. This president's Budget is not A manifesto. It is a serious document to create governmental Socialism at a level that finally submerges Capitalism in its' Constitutional form. Divided government is no longer divided. The president has and is preparing to make the Executive far more powerful. The vote itself is now n question as to its viability since no requirement for identification is being allowed and multiple or improper votes can now make that most important right null and void and yet the Republican opposition instead of taking concrete steps mouths apologies. Yes attempts at nullification or even other radical forms of challenge may be questionable; but, in this writers opinion we may not get to a fair election!
Podesta's thinking and philosophies brings to mind a kindly secretive man sensitive in every way. His name was "Lavrentiy Beria". He was engaged by Stalin to know the movements of each Soviet citizen and to punish those in cruel ways who disobeyed his Master's wishes. His master's name was Stalin a man who hated to use his assembly for any rule making. Who was fond of saying I will do it myself without all the bother of others! And wow! he did.
The sad part is their lack of understanding! When you have this situation and you belittle for political reasons, it shows the lowlife character of the mean spirited people and how a political gain is worth far more than life! It's sad to see any "Side" stoop this abysmally low!
While I agree, I don''t see this apparently spineless bunch of Republicans publicly calling each day for a review by the Supreme Court of his past and current modifications of established law! How can the Judges set to defend our Constitution allow this? I don't really see signed petitions of every Republican going to the Court I don't see on TV these republican leaders on TV or Radio saying the Supreme Court must review and stop these actions to suit an election!!
Very good. I'm an Independent as well. I am also a hard core believer in real Capitalism. Unfortunately our Republican Party has forgotten as well. They need reminded. I've posted several comprehensive "Articles" on my blog. hedgemastermb.blogspot.com Look fo America's Financial Future and several others enjoy!
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