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A New Evangelizing Foreign Policy

Kenezen Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 8:37 AM
Brent: You haven't seen the biggest thing coming, Its: http://thepub.viacom.com/sites/mtvpress/Pages/MTV-LAUNCHES-MULTI-YEAR-CAMPAIGN-TO-HELP-YOUTH-ACCELERATE--FIGHT-AGAINST-RACIAL-GENDER-LGBT-INEQUALITY.aspx Go to this site and read the billion dollar brainwashing of specifically WHITE YOUTH called: "Look Different" nationally planned by our largest information provider!! I've also written an article about this in my Blog hedgemastermb.blogspot.com It's the second article just page down!! This will blow you mind!
The REAL STORY is that Mexico has been the recipient of massive industrial buildups there from the international large manufactures. Many hundreds of thousands of Mexicans in America are going back for those good long term jobs! Obama wants to create a voting imbalance by having those votes! So now he has thrown open the doors to Central America to make up for that! WAKE UP REPUBLICANS! YOU MUST BE BLIND!
The leaders of Google are "Universalists" and and are very unhappy about a new European Law that requires them to delete information at individuals requests. Rather than One World Government sought by them Europeans at least are requiring privacy! IT IS SAD that weak scared and demoralized Americans don't insist on our Constitutional right to achieve privacy as well. Let's all promote the right to disappear from Google and the NSA!!
The old argument that American citizens are just lazy or are all employed in other jobs is not only demeaning but counter intuitive. It's repugnant in the face of so many millions of immigrants allowed into an already heavily populated country. It avoids the totally open borders allowed by this President. It endangers the future not only from an inescapable economic format; but, also the eminent danger of terrorism from ISIS and others. When the president insists on supplying "Moderate" Sunni Wahhabi militants he calmly forgets who brought down the World trade center and the Boston Marathon. It was them! We need to return to locked borders new attempts to return Manufacturing to the United States for our depleted and shrinking middle class. No more elitism and their goals. We need Blue collar good jobs like we had in the 1960's. Our President and past presidents refuse to compete as thet sit comfortably in DC!!
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Obama Is Not Finished

Kenezen Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 9:33 AM
What is serious now! His returning desire to supply arms to "Moderate Forces in Syria": Moderate does not include Sunni Wahhabi sect members. That's who he's supplying. Why doesn't someone ask! Who are you giving ONE HALF BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF ARMS TO? Is it Sunni Wahhabi moderates? THERE ARE NO SUNNI WAHHABI MODERATES!!! SOMEBODY SHOULD ASK!!
The truth is now so obvious that all know what has been feared for at least two years. Our president is becoming a self important, self directed, self regulating dictatorial figure that demands followers without independent thought. Lies are part of the norm. "You can keep your Insurance." "Her E-mails were deleted." "The IRS did not interfere" His actions are similar. Open borders flood the population create a sub society that doesn't have a background in liberty and independent thought. far easier to control with gifts. Create an electoral capability that's easy to corrupt using the Justice department. Use all departments as punitive capability over opponents. Use the power of government to punish those who don't obey. (IRS) The less the economy recovers the more control is possible!
I'm outraged! You publication is ignoring the new and far more dangerous throwing open of our borders!!! It should be the only picture on your front page! it determines whether we are a country of laws. The first order constitutionally by our militia is to protect our borders. WHERE ARE YOU FOLKS?? THIS PRESIDENT HAS THROWN OUR BORDERS WIDE OPEN AND YOU TALK ABOUT GARBAGE SHAME ON YOU!
WE have to shut our border now. This President is allowing us to be one with central America. Our riches and jobs are going to all but our Citizen poor who needs the jobs. From the Middle East where Obama armed the Same Sunni Rebels that attacked our world trade center and allows them to take back the countries we freed. And now they are very close to Pakistan and Nuclear missiles and our President won't tell us!!!! This President is giving America away to everybody else. He even has destroyed our Black youth in favor of non-citizens! WAKE UP!!! Then take our Borders to allow everybody in while our kids can't get good jobs is proof he hates America. Look at the latest employment list from Government it shows the most available jobs: Waitresses, Bartenders and Senior clean up! Is that what we want??? get this guy out. Our poor can't get jobs! Our Black community is devastated and lies are being told about Jobs!
Our President is trying to destroy the job seeking citizens of America! That's what it seems. Our minority communities especially our citizen Black communities are hurting. Their job age children are by most reports 28% unemployed in the inner cities! Still this President and some elites who want to keep labor costs down and use under the table labor are wanting amnesty. It's time to send a message: Our jobs are for American citizens! No more politics! No more open borders! TV Fox news people like Brit Hume were still saying let them in! NO! Close our Borders and let our people work No More jobs for others. let our citizen communities have the jobs! The Black communities especially the young are reportedly 28% unemployed!! CLOSE THE BORDER! SEND THEM BACK!
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Bergdahl Deal: Warning For Afghanistan

Kenezen Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 6:09 PM
There is far more to be concerned about! Our press is not front-paging in very big letters how close the greatest military "Muslim" leader of our century is to obtaining historic success. Saladin in the 11th century, 1st Sultan of Egypt and the greatest Muslim general in it's history; In 1171 he established a Sunni Empire and became Sultan. Now in the midst of the Sunni terror wars has come another greatly revered general named Mullah Mohammed Omar. He was the remote war chief adviser for Bin laden as he formed the Taliban. he now resides in Qatar as chief of the Taliban forces in multiple countries. We forget the Taliban's true goal. They are embedded in Pakistan and very close to possible governmental inclusion or absolute rule. And yet we hear none of that as we send heads of his staff back to him. Omar brags he will have Afghanistan back in days when the American forces are reduced. But why? To get the income the yellow poppy produces! Have you heard what would happen if Omar, one of the best and incredibly violent killer of women, children and opponents in history, get Nukes by getting governmental power in Pakistan? He is close. Why haven't we heard this from our Government?
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