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"No Boots on ground" Sounds good ? The Islamic Empire ruled from Spain to Asia In much the 8th to the 13th century. That's what they want back. Our President just made them an apparent gift of $billions of arms. (There was advanced warning in time to destroy weapons in Mosul). Now our arms are being used to Kill Christians, make slaves of Women and cutting their genitals per Koran custom, cut Christian boys in half and kill men who won't convert. They proclaim a "State of Levant" which covers all Iraq including Kurdish areas, Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria Palestine and southern Turkey plus some others. Many of these States if invaded could not be helped by air in crowded cities on their territory!!! Our president seems too friendly with the primary funder of ISIL. Qatar also houses Mullah Mohhamed Omar, the head of the Taliban, and responsible for more American death in that area than any other! This is a well funded, growing rapidly, well financed Army and they are also, as we speak, infiltrating and attempting overthrow of Pakistan with Nuclear weapons. "Boots ON The Ground" Doesn't sound good to me if they have Nuclear Weapons because of his unintelligent decision!.
The President gives away billions of arms from Mosul. Advanced weapons! heavy tanks, Machine guns, Mortars, howitzers and others. He offer our best allies Rifles to fight against his own equipment that ISIL has and uses to kill Christians and Kurds. Whose side is he really on?
WE need some insider info to let us know why the president has such a close relationship with the Emir of Qatar. Why he allowed that huge Billions of dollars of weapons in Mosul to be grabbed even when his State Dept. people, who were there, told him the ILIS was only two days away. 2 low yield bombs 2 jets. too little! Constsant bombardment is required. When those Christian displaced onto this mountain from homes lived in before Christ are slaughtered it is this Presidents fault. he's known of this Armies might and aims for a year! It seems the relationship with the Emir of Qatar to who he just sold attack helicopters is his best friend. After all Mullah Omar (Who has led the groups that have killed more USA GI's that any other Muslim leader sits right beside the Emir of Qatar!
The President knew of this weeks ago. only the press made this happen. The president hasn't made any great effort to really stop this massacre. TWO FIGHTER JETS!! WOW What a tremendous response!! We have 10,000 people on those Mountains and there will be genocide and it will be Obama's fault. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/americas2ndrevolution/2014/08/11/warning-discussions-of-americas-survival-from-islam-1
This is what you near sighted group should be looking far more closely at!! The president is actually supporting ISIL actively!! But, you don't do your homework as you watch the MiddleEast then Europe crumble to Islam. If You're too lazy E-mail me I have all the good information. SO SLOW! How can you be so Slow? I have a good article facts proven ready!
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Is the President Incompetent or Lawless?

Kenezen Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 3:24 PM
Good article Judge. As usual you portray the actuality with concise summary! Thanks for your vision and eloquence.
These chumps better get a Bill before they leave or, they should stay! You let this president have the field for weeks unchallenged, you'll come back to a Caliphate!!
Obama is flooding the country hurting most Minority citizens but, this is misdirection! He doesn't care He has concentrated on confusion and takeover by State of Emergency. He'll be able two rely on two major allies, Qatar and Saudi Arabia the two primary funding entities of ISIL I'm shocked you guys haven' t studied and written about this gravest of all dangers. Shame on you!! He continues to sell weapons to Qatar! Where are they going under Mullah Omar? Do you even know who and how dangerous Mullah Omar is? He's about to get Pakistan and NUKES for ISIL? You guys are so behind the curve. Call me if you need help! Why did he not bomb the massive modern weapons cache in Mosul? It would have been so easy! One B2. Get a clue. he's helping them!!! You guys seem clueless!
Why did the president fail to destroy the Massive numbers of Of USA armaments in Mosul? It would have been easy. Why hasn't president Obama issued a warning any attack on Jordan, Lebanon or Israel would mean instant retaliation from America? Why hasn't the president warned Qatar and Saudi Arabia the funding agents of ISIL that if ISIL harms any American Assets the blame and response would fall on Saudi or Qatar property
President Obama is dealing in very friendly fashion with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He's buddies! he's got to act like Israel is a pain. It's like "Do you see what I have to put up with?" If you had a friend you could count on. It would not be Obama unless you've got lots of money and you leanings are left and Islamic
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