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Court Says Clean Air Act Includes EPA Ability to Regulate Green House Gases

kenar Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 1:09 PM
our Federal Constitution is intended to grant power to the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or any Administrator, to make public policy, set standards, and make regulations, all of which are a legislative function in our constitutionally limited “Republican Form of Government“ ? "On every question of construction [of the Constitution], carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, June 12, 1823, The Complete Jefferson, pg-322.

Apparently as a human being, breathing out Carbon Dioxide, aka a "green house gas" actually can be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency according to a new court ruling.

In a surprisingly sweeping win for the Obama administration, a federal appeals court said Tuesday that the EPA is “unambiguously correct” in its interpretation of the Clean Air Act when it comes to regulating greenhouse gases.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit dismissed or denied all petitions challenging the EPA in the massive case, Coalition for Responsible Regulations v. EPA.