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Photo: Obama Greets Anti-American 'Gangnam Style' Rapper

Ken85 Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 6:15 PM
Really? Does this surprise anyone? Obama may have been born in Hawaii but he didn't grow up there. His influences are something that only a few can relate to or understand.

I can't quite bring myself to care all that much about this story, but it's instructive nonetheless.  Just to get you caught up: "Psy" is a South Korean musical artist whose quirky hit, "Gangnam Style" went mega-viral over the summer.  Catchy beat, instantly recognizable horse dance,  pudgy foreign star, etc.  When Psy was invited to gallop around on stage at this weekend's "Christmas in Washington" concert, some critics dug up lyrics from one of his previous diddies.  Far from singing about "sexy ladies," Psy used his "art" to call for the murder of US troops, whose presence at...