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Funny how when they talk about the kochs they never bring up Soros. Now he is definitely un American.
Just keep at it, Paul. Represent big GOP donors instead of the people and reap your reward. And to think I once supported you.
This kind of rhetoric comes from the fact that our president is weak. You would think that all Democrats and peaceniks would've learned from Jimmy Carter's foibles. When America is strong there is peace. When we falter the world becomes a far more dangerous place.
How does this guy have legal standing in our courts?
This coming from the guy who hates Abraham Lincoln. For his information Crimea did not vote to go with Russia, the politicians there did. Also, Putin did break a law by reneging on the treaty he signed with The Ukraine, The UK and America. What should we do about it? Intervention would be foolhardy but Obama needs to be a little less flexible and install the missile sights in Poland to protect Europe since Russia seems to want to expand.
Give her immunity with the stipulation that she admit her part in the corruption and gives up all of the higher ups including anyone within the White House including the president. The Democrats railed on about Nixon's use of the IRS and federal licensing against political foes. This is an impeachable offense. Do it.
Obama will not accept responsibility for anything he does, ever, nor will he back down on the laws his party has implemented. He still has veto power and he will use it. One real fear I have is that the economy is in such bad shape that any Republican who tries to fix it is going to cause some serious pain much like Reagan during most of his first term. Reagan did turn it around in time for his second term but the economy was not even close to be as dismal as it is today.
After reading many of the comments I have to ask if every just assumes that all Republicans support Republican ideals? Like it or don't there are Progressives in both parties. Take a look at the way Soros has infected the Democrat party. Does anyone really think that with all that power the Republicans have remained unscathed?
If soda consumption decrease how will the tax from it fund anything? You are a troll.
You're joking, right? If you are serious what you really mean is you want to be taken care of instead of being in control of your own life. Truly pathetic.
BINGO!! We have a winner.
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