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60% say he lies on important issues and the other 40% are stone stupid. The 15% who think he never lies are inmates in mental hospitals. (we really know who those people are)
Sounds like an 80's valley girl. Doesn't seem smart enough to be in congress but in the company of some of the others like Hank Johnson and Sheila Jackson Lee she probably looks like a genius.
Dunst is not a starlette. She is a proven star. Nice to see her voice some common sense. Women should be able to either choose a career or be what they want to be without someone telling them what they should be. My wife is a doctor but she also raised 2 sons.
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Poll: Brown 49; Shaheen: 44

Ken85 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 7:12 PM
Great. A Republican with "a small r next to his name. Just like before he will side with the DemocRATS.
A man that has been held in contempt of congress still taking up space in a position of authority. No other president in the history of this country would ever allow this. And the conferring presidential privilege on this arrogant POS only draws more attention to the suspicion that the president had a hand in planning Fast and Furious to begin with. Holder AND Obama deserve to be impeached.
I have a better idea. Let's get a smart AJ and fire this commie.
Saying that he has failed at job creation implies that he has attempted to create jobs and failed. Not exactly. His agenda has been to destroy jobs and make as many people dependent on the government as possible. His resistance to a balanced budget shows what his agenda really is. Spend the country into oblivion.
Say it isn't so! Holder and numerous other Democrats have told us that voter fraud simply does not exist and that producing an ID proving your eligibility to vote is racist. How can this be? Funny how main stream Democrats want the fraud to continue.
Funny how when they talk about the kochs they never bring up Soros. Now he is definitely un American.
Just keep at it, Paul. Represent big GOP donors instead of the people and reap your reward. And to think I once supported you.
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