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Democrats used the filibuster to stave off seating the great majority of GW Bush's nominations to the court the last time they were the minority. Giving them back this weapon when they were the ones to take it away would be foolish.
Yup. The GOP leadership seems gutless but what they really are is complicit. Both Boehnor and McConnell hate the conservatives, the very people who put them in power.
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PA Sen: Pat Toomey May Face Old Foe In 2016

Ken85 Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 10:47 PM
“He says one thing in Pennsylvania and votes a different way down in Washington, D.C.,” Sestak said. Toomey talked like a Tea Party conservative until he got to Washington. Then he fell into the establishment way. I'm no fan of any DEmocrat but Toomey needs to be primaried.
This guy reeks of arrogance.
Deer seasons in most states are over by Thanksgiving. Bucks are in the rut and the meat is foul. I question the 70% figure. Bumping up the numbers to look good.
How could Trumka possibly support Grimes or any Democrat? Obama has vowed to destroy the coal industry which in turn would destroy the UMW of A and thousands of jobs. Consumers' energy bills would "necessarily skyrocket" but Trumka doesn't care about consumers or jobs. I remember the right announcing the demise of the unions a number of years ago yet they're still with us. Remain vigilent.
NAALCP only represents blacks they can exploit. If blacks rose up against the Dems and their cronies they'd find that it's the very people who say they want to help that are keeping them down. I'm seeing more and more black people who are beginning to realize this and it's heartening.
Just think how difficult these would be to obtain if this weren't the most transparent administration in history. Okay, we got a list. What about the actual documents? And if Holder has resigned why is he still there?
Democrats have to lie or they'd never get elected.
""We took on every tough issue in the state," said Hickenlooper. "We took on gun safety" You took on the peoples' second amendment rights and pushed it down their throats with unbridled arrogance. Some of your equally arrogant lackeys have already paid the price and now it's your turn. You have no respect for the constitution or American principals. Colorado and America will be a better place with you gone.
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