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Maybe she thinks she should be ordained. But seriously, folks, if she has to talk there's a good chance that people will see her for what she really is.
The left deals in emotion and fear rather than facts. Obama has never once said anything encouraging or upbeat.
My thoughts exactly. The Republicans Repeal and Replace Obamacare strikes me as trying to appease liberals, too. I don't want it replaced. Leave it alone.
As long as Soros is footing the bills Obama will go with him over the wants of the people. Soros is invested heavily in Brazilian oil.
Carter is a Jew hater from way back. He was so soundly defeated in his bid for reelection I have to wonder why he thinks he's relevant. If he's senile then he's always been senile. What he is is a fool.
I used to like Neeson. Apparently he thinks he's made enough money now to say whatever he wants. I'll never spend another cent to see his films. Really, foreigners come here to get rich and then criticize us. Neeson is only one of many.
Shoot them with a frozen pork chop!
So, the Republican leadership brow beat enough cowards to vote for another two years of the same lying and treachery we've seen from Boehnor since taking the gavel away from Pelosi. Some say he has no spine but it takes spine to continuously lie to the people who put that gavel in his hands and tell the same story over and over. "It's the best we can do." or "Now is not the time." His leadership will doom the party.
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White House Issues Veto Threat On Keystone

Ken85 Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 5:07 PM
Obama's opposition to the Keystone pipeline couldn't have anything to do with Soros' large investments in Brazilian oil could it??
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