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I was curious how Cher felt about things. Now if only Barbara Streisand would chime in. I can't decide who is the dumbest liberal in California is but it's close between these two.
The GOP establishment. Guaranteeing the surety that no Republican will ever be elected president ever again in my lifetime.
But it's okay for you to hate us???
Learn some history and maybe you wouldn't look so foolish by making remarks like that one. The US Coast Guard has been in existence many, many more years than DHS as has the Border Patrol and other agencies under that roof.
Once again Democrats show their hatred if Israel and Jews. Why then do American Jews continue to vote for Democrats??? What is wrong with this picture??
Funny but I have no recollection of Time or anyone else in the media asking what Obama's religious beliefs are or if he believes men evolved from apes. Or even if he is a bona fide citizen of the USA.
Who is Jon Stewart?
And with the corruption in Las Vegas and Reno Reid will likely win. Casino management browbeats employees to vote and SEIU seals the deal.
This likely voter is not likely to vote for Rubio.
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Guess Who's Defending Brian Williams?

Ken85 Wrote: Feb 07, 2015 11:24 AM
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