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Bill Maher: “[T]he Role Model For Every President Should be” … Jimmy Carter

Ken85 Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 10:58 PM
How can HBO continue to pay for this kind of idiocy? Because of Maher I won't subscribe. The reason a hostage rescue was necessary is because Carter was a weak ninny without a pair. America was a doormat for the world when he was in office.
DagNabbit Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 12:14 AM
"The reason a hostage rescue was necessary is because Carter was a weak ninny without a pair. America was a doormat for the world when he was in office"

Completely discounting our history of meddling in Iran and the greater Middle East. This is your mind on Limbaugh.
Rick3767 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 8:02 AM
And your posts show what a mind on Maher sounds like. Most of the "meddling" in the ME was done by leftists. We had relations with ME leaders and helped them develop their resources until they nationalized all of it and booted US companies out. How's it gone since then, Einstein?
helioquois Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 11:51 PM
I am not a Democrat and did not vote for Mr. Carter. I agree that his policies were failed ones, as history has shown us.
However, the order to execute the hostage rescue was Mr. Carter's finest hour, even though the mission did not succeed.
When told by the SF commander that some hostages, particularly those in the military, would likely be shot by the US assault team when the military hostages overpowered their captors and retrieved their guns, because of the difficulty of identifying friend or foe in the fog of the attack, Mr. Carter steadfastly acknowledged this fact, and then ordered the mission.
Some say his decision was purely political, but I think that his experience in the Navy as an officer guided his final decision.
pertin Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 11:52 PM
Hey pay attention !

Graham, Rubio, others keep saying, Federal E-Verify is enough compromise for Conservatives, self-appointed-Cons-spokesman-Hannity to pass the whole Amnesty bill.

Here's where they trick-fool-swindle us as usual:

HR-2885, Sec-6-Pre-Emption-clause,

Takes away "All-States-Rights" to enforce any kind of "State or Fed E-Verify-Laws-Rules,"

"Nullifies All prior "USSC-tested-approved" States "E-Verify-Laws-Rules."

"All E-Verify enforcement, policies in the USA"

will be carried-out "Only" by the "Fed-Govt," Barack-Obama, Eric Holder, DOHS Janet Napolitano and All succeeding Exec-Branch-WH-Admins !"

Do you want the states to lose all rights to administer-carry-out-regulate the state and Fed E-Verify process-system


C’mon give Maher some credit here: he’s not afraid to show his true colors. Even most liberals I know feel uncomfortable talking about Jimmy Carter's achievements, let alone bragging about his legacy, preferring instead to reminisce about “Camelot” or the New Deal.

Nice catch, NewsBusters (warning explicit language):

America needs to start defining peace as strength. Do you know who the role model for every president should be? Jimmy Carter. Because he is the one out of all of them who figured out how to sit in office...