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I'm Selling $15,000 Worth of Holdings to Pounce on Emerging Bargains

ken66 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 6:10 AM
Great investment portfolio. But why sell winners? TZA for a market downturn is ideal. Playing additional ETF's that will take advantage of this downturn, would that not be a decent place to hedge? Just like the 1%. hehe

Just as a rising tide can lift all boats, a falling tide can also sink them.

As I've been writing for the past few months, investors should be thinking about opportunities for profit-taking after the market made a virtually uninterrupted upward move since October, 2011. I was poorly-positioned for that rally in my $100,000 Real-Money Portfolio, focusing on stocks that were built for the long haul. Instead, the market has rewarded investors that aimed for the riskiest corners of the market.

Not anymore.

Since hitting a peak of 1,416 back on March 26, the...