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Anybody that thinks the lefts media folks are catching on are in lala land, They are only trying to muddy the beliefs of the under-informed. Making them think they, the media, knew all along that this aca bill was bad legislation and real bad for the country. sal ainsky tactics folks, nothing more and nothing less. The so called mainstream media has only one goal and that is help the progressive libs to more and more power over the masses. Time to fight by what ever means. Take a play from their book and turn the tide, Lie, Lie and Lie more.
rubio has forgotten ALL that supported him in his run for the senate. Now the wrath of the "BamBoozled", the voter, shall come to bare down on his fake "Conservative" values. The touchy feel good, politically correctness, go with the crowd lefties, progressives or what ever you call them, shall not have the last laugh for as long as they may think. GOD Bless this FREE Republic, the United States of America.
When will "THEY" come after you? There are not enough working people to pay for those that continue having their hands out for "Free" stuff. Rationing is an answer but euthanasia is the quicker way to controlling healthcare costs, similar to histler in the 30's and 40's. Wake Up America a before it is to late.
These are the types of programs that Mr Romney is proposing that We The People must eliminate from our budget. so that we do not bankrupt ourselves. The lefties refuse to understand so it is US against them.
Batta Bing!! and there are still some that will not question these numbers. Why is there LESS participation in the work force? Meaning there are less workers working in America than ever before. No not an age thing, not a disability thing just plain ole there are no jobs to be had.
Something has gone WRONG, terribly WRONG!!
Tone DEAF he is? The dems hear what they want, anyone surprised?
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Reckless Lunacy

ken66 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 7:41 AM
and some of the American people actually belief this is a good thing. Treasonous acts should be dealt with by swift actions from True Legal American Patriots. This article along should raise the hair on our backs. We The People MUST never let this happen again.
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Illegal Immigrants, Not So Illegal

ken66 Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 7:15 AM
If this is the norm, then when I see a long line waiting for something, just because I do not want to wait, I can jump to the front of the line. When anyone sees an ILLEGAL waiting in a line go ahead jump in front of them and see how they like it. Well since it is hard to tell if they are truly illegal or not just jump in front of that person anyway. Deport ALL ILLEGALS, period no matter their present status. I do fell sorry for them but they need to be displeased with their parents not Legal Americans.
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One-on-One with Mitt Romney

ken66 Wrote: Jul 28, 2012 6:58 AM
What someone with a plan, something other than demonizing Success? Less government regulations? How can this be? You mean to tell me that taking from hard working LEGAL American citizens that have something then FORCING them to give to the ones that refuse to work for their own rewards is a bad thing? Come on folks wake up. GOD Bess America
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