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Barack Obama: Weapon of Mass Distraction

Ken6565 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 12:47 PM
There is an argument (though I don't buy it) for Democratic tax and spending policies. There is an argument that works to some degree for Republican tax and spending policies. Probably the best argument is for Democratic tax and Republican spending policies; that's what we had in 1995-2000, as Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton balanced our budget. What is absolutely unsustainable is Democratic spending and Republican tax policies. But it is that last which the American people will choose every time. It all comes down to "Cut someone else's goodie, not mine; raise someone else's taxes, not mine." But everyone's goodie is going to have to be cut, and everyone's taxes are going to have to go up.

President Obama's latest news conference was further confirmation that his voracious appetite for spending was not satisfied but whetted by the fiscal cliff deal, which he views as an appetizer.

We were told that the GOP achieved a coup in the fiscal cliff negotiations because they lured Obama into an agreement to lock in the Bush tax rates except for the highest-income earners. Never mind that Obama agreed to no spending cuts or entitlement reform after demanding a "balanced approach" to deficit reduction; they told us he'd be forced to address those matters in a couple of months in the debt ceiling...