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There's a whole generation now that has never heard of T.S. Eliot.
The issues the school administration is trying to deal with are three: 1. They have undoubtedly paid Dell Sonic Wall a great deal of money to provide those filtering services and are hesitant to have that money go for nothing; 2. The teachers' union is undoubtedly strongly supportive of the one-sided filtering; and 3. Now there's pushback from students and parents. How does the district salvage something from that money, keep activist teachers from campaigning (including in the classroom, something union teachers frequently do) against them, and still soothe the angry students and parents?
What they generally do is bombard the public with movies, TV shows, etc., until people start thinking that the leftist position is the moderate, reasonable one. It won't be mostly with news reports. It will be with episodes of TV shows and movies, both big-screen and on TV, in which the supposed victim of the opposing position is noble, put-upon and suffering, and the supposed victimizer is creepy, racist and radically right-wing. The media have succeeded in the gay issue. If the Left really gloms onto this issue, they will do the same. You'll also see one corporation after another donate to groups agitating against the Redskins, withdraw advertising from them, and even cancel business contracts. It's not just the entertainment business that has turned left--almost the entire corporate world is going that direction.
I think I know what you meant to say, and I agree with you, but I'm pretty sure your second sentence was supposed to be, "Criticism of non-liberal politicians, like (the people you named plus Hispanic politicians like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, etc.)."
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Ransom: A Sharper, Not Bigger, Stick

Ken6565 Wrote: Jun 15, 2014 9:12 AM
When the US sought to dominate as in Korea and Vietnam? The whole reason that Korea was a draw and Vietnam, though a military victory, turned into a defeat was that America did NOT seek to dominate. The US could have prevented Chinese intervention in Korea, and North Korea would have ceased to exist. Bomb the bridges over the Yalu, and the Chinese don't cross. Game over. In Vietnam, the treaty had left a situation on the ground in which the RVN controlled virtually all its territory and population; but a Congress more intent on showing its political muscle than on preserving the American interest in southeast Asia pulled the plug on the RVN.
There's only one reason the budget hasn't grown much after the first couple of years with Obama. That's the sequester, which slammed a lid on the growth of spending by reducing sharply the increases that had been projected. (It did not actually cut spending, but it cut the increases that were in the works.) Little credit for the sequester belongs to Obama or to most of the other Democrats.
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Heads Are Literally Rolling In Iraq

Ken6565 Wrote: Jun 14, 2014 5:38 PM
Attention all Muslims--when you hated America (the infidel Great Satan) and thought radical Islamists were your brothers, was this what you thought you were signing on for?
It would be interesting to see the Majority Leader be a Puerto Rican Republican.
It's going to have to be two-sided. Palestinian acceptance of the Israeli state should be met with Israel's repudiation of the whole "Eretz Israel" idea, that Israel's borders should be those of King David's empire and with the promise that Israel will, not may but will, recognize a Palestinian state that does fully recognize Israel, renouncing the right of return. That renunciation has to go hand in hand with an Israel commitment to build no more settlements in the West Bank. The present de facto lines of populated areas are the starting point for establishing the new international border. That is basically the 1967 armistice boundaries with an adjustment to include now-existing settlements in the "wasp waist" and in the immediate vicinity of Jerusalem. There are majority-Arab areas in Galilee; there could be a plebiscite on leaving Israel to join the Palestinian state.
Tammy Bruce nailed one point: one of the chief sources of lesbianism has nothing to do with an actual sexual preference but rather has to do with hatred and fear of men arising out of one or another form of abuse. This is why male homosexuals typically have no hostility toward women but a great many lesbians hate men with an almost deadly passion.
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Income Gap Wider in Blue States

Ken6565 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 12:02 PM
This is a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg issue here. Is it that the blue governments attract the poor, who are looking for free stuff, and the rich, who are going to make big bucks off government contracts, while the middle class runs? Or is that states with spectacularly rich people living only a few minutes' drive from miserably poor people generate the kind of class envy that is the mother's milk of left-wing politics? In either case, Republicans have ALWAYS to keep in mind that it serves them not at all to rush to the defense of the rich, who actually prefer blue government. After all, how many government contracts and subsidies are you going to get from a red government? Besides, the rich, disproportionately having gone to places like Hah-vud, have absorbed liberal social attitudes that are anathema to Republicans' true constituency--the small businessman and the skilled worker.
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