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Cease the Cease-Fires

Ken6565 Wrote: 10 hours ago (5:06 PM)
Here's what you do. You bomb the hell out of the entire boundary of the Gaza Strip with bunker-buster bombs that break down those tunnels. Then you excavate a ditch about 30 feet deep the length of the border. Then you go into the tunnels that are exposed that way with flamethrowers.
I keep trying to understand what this president thinks he's doing. All I can come up with is that he thinks that his agenda is self-evidently right and that any opposition is solely based on racism and a desire to beat him personally. It just doesn't occur to him that someone actually thinks he's wrong.
It is so fascinating that perhaps the two smartest men to be president were two such flawed men as Nixon and Clinton. Ronald Reagan never had their mastery of minutiae, but he could form, and carry out, a broad vision of foreign policy. But the man I think will, two generations from now, be recognized as the single most capable president of the second half of the 20th century is someone nobody even thinks much about now--George H.W. Bush.
Pretty bad when the alternative is socialists or Islamist nutballs. I guess you have to root for the socialists only because, however misguided they might be, they're not nuts.
Fascinating to see North Dakota among the states with negative numbers. They have been pulling in all sorts of people and money with the oil boom in the western part of the state. I can only guess that there's a decline in the farming in the eastern part of the state offsetting that boom.
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Putin Robbed Blind in Cuba

Ken6565 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 5:55 PM
Repelled almost all Cubans? Then how is it that there are so many younger Cubans named Vladimir, Alexei, etc.? It's certainly true that the Castros, and Guevara, converted a distinctly First World nation into a backward nation that is economically like a Third World nation. But I'm not persuaded that "Russian" is a dirty word with most Cubans who still live in Cuba.
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What We Women Want

Ken6565 Wrote: Jul 26, 2014 5:49 PM
Nurses--like Renee Ellmers. This lady could have a real future in the GOP and in the nation, beyond her present congressional district, from which she dislodged a long-time incumbent. But the party's hard right has to stop attacking people like her, or Marco Rubio, because there's one issue on which they don't like her position. One vote you don't like doesn't turn a Republican into a RINO. But I've seen both her and Rubio called RINO's. In Rubio's case, he forced a RINO, Charlie Crist, to show his true colors.
Cleveland--where a Democratic mayor led the city nearly into bankruptcy, and his Republican successor transformed its downtown into a showpiece. (Oddly, both were Croats--Democrat Kucinich and Republican Voinovich.)
But you watch. Two thirds of those people, after being screwed by the Democrats, will, as soon as the Democrats say, "We're the party of the little guy; the Republicans are the party of the rich," vote Democrat again. How do you suppose the Democrats are even competitive in Michigan, let alone the usual winner there?
No. Obama should get his straight. Either he learned about these issues when he saw the news, or he doesn't watch the news. Both can't be true. And most of what the media does wrong is less a matter of lying than of covering for him and for other politicians with whom they agree while trumpeting anything wrong with anyone with whom they don't agree.
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