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What you are forgetting is that there is more fire power with the armed Americans than what the Branch Davidians had. They can't shoot or arrest everybody, and I suspect a lot of the military will disobey orders, so as to not shoot their brothers
try taking the guns from the 50.2% who voted for Obama......That isn't gonna happen...Most of the ones who voted for that idiot are ignorant Blacks, Latinos or right wing nuts and a majority of the carry or own guns.
Obama is using the exact same tactics Hitler did in the 1930's. Even his campaign slogan was borrowed from the Nazi regime. The song itself was made famous by the Hitler Youth Brigade...
It will eventually fall apart just like the old League of Nations...
Hell Yea !!!
Obama and his Marxist cronies.will never get my guns and I pity the first S.O.B that tries. if Obama tries that garbage he will have a Civil War on his hands and if the UN tries to impose it , there will be a major War.
Its time to stand up to these thugs...Black, white, green or yellow they are violating the law. If they refuse to comply, then call in the Klan and then see what happens.
Rent a Riot Jessee is at it again....Most decent Black Americans will disavow this hypocrite and see him for what he is. He along with Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson_Lee, Maxine Waters, Holder, Obama and the like are giving the Black Community a Black eye. Until these race baiters are completely out of the picture, then and only then will the race relations improve.
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