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The "RINOs" you mention probably vote more the way you would if you really examined their record. But stay away and not vote and you get the representation you deserve....
If you know anybody in Kansas or North Carolina or have friends that do, get the word out to encourage them to vote; otherwise we get what we deserve...
Just be sure to vote unlike what happened last time...
You bring up an interesting question (or two). The real question for you when you go to the voting machine is this: Would you prefer a Democrat who most likely will vote with Obama the vast majority of the time or a Republican (however moderate) that may vote you side half the time. The answer to that question would seem to be pretty clear to me....but your conscience is your own.
Voting is what will make "the wave" happen. Only by having a strong turn-out will Republicans (and Independents) be able to do what's necessary. The apathy of 2012 will only lead to the same environment we had for the last two years.
one word...POWERFUL!
We don't need a repeat of 2012. Republicans HAVE to show up and vote this time and NOT think it's in the bag and they don't need to go to the polls. Make sure that your family votes, encourage your friends and business associates as well. Voting is both a right and a duty and should be taken seriously.
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KY Sen: McConnell Expands Lead Over Grimes

Ken6437 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 11:49 PM
The biggest issue here is the failure of voters to show up in 2012. That apathy has led us to where we are today. I'm just hoping that voters turnout in November and every November after to exercise their DUTY to vote.
"So, fear not my conservative friends, there are many ways to maneuver through an electorate to win elections." And the most direct way is to SHOW UP AND VOTE!!!
The only way that will happen is if Republicans and Independents want it enough to SHOW UP and VOTE. If we don't, we deserve everything we get...!
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