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Can somebody please explain exactly how this episode (the latest among many) doesn't constitute "high crimes and misdemeanors?"
Voter turnout is essential in the next two election cycles. We've already seen the result of "he sucks so bad there's no way he can win again, so I can stay home" attitude.
This has a ring of truth to it concerning colonoscopies. I was told by my primary care provider that colonoscopies were too costly and that referrals had to come from another department (hematology or oncology) before they would be performed.
As a disabled vet, I'm dependent upon the VA for my healthcare and I personally have no complaints. That said, I also use the facilities in Washington, DC where I believe scrutiny is the highest and the issues are less likely. Shinseki should do the honorable thing and announce his resignation within two weeks and on the way out publicize the problems that he saw but couldn't fix. My guess is that its the bloated bureaucracy and the bonus payments tied to elements that if not met directly impact the delivery of healthcare to veterans.
I may be wrong but I think select committees have to freedom to determine their own rules that may differ from the standing committees' rules.
"Conservatives better wake up. If they think they are going to coast in this election." Exactly right; that's why we're in the mess we're in today. Everyone "just knew" that Obama was going to get defeated. Everybody who has a dog in this hunt has to show up and vote this time and not just "know" what's going to happen; otherwise, we get what we deserve. I do believe independents will come out - if Republicans (of all kinds) come out then we can extend the house majority and take the Senate. Then I just hope we're smart enough to take the right actions to ensure we get the Oval Office in 2016.
And therein lies the rub. Unless there is funding tied to the unraveling a number of community, not-for-profit hospitals will be hurt. This begs for the old Laurel and Hardy line : it's ANOTHER fine mess you've gotten us into....!"
One can only hope and pray you are right,
The direction ought to be a gradual move to a flat tax, pure and simple. Another option could be a low value-added tax but in either case we need to totally overhaul the taxation in this country.
The reality is that the program has a worthy cause but little or no accountability. Audit it, determine what the problems are, and hold the folks that screwed it up accountable ( and I include jail-time as a VERY appropriate form of accountability). Then make sure that in the future it does what it is supposed to do. To do otherwise is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
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