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"Conservatives better wake up. If they think they are going to coast in this election." Exactly right; that's why we're in the mess we're in today. Everyone "just knew" that Obama was going to get defeated. Everybody who has a dog in this hunt has to show up and vote this time and not just "know" what's going to happen; otherwise, we get what we deserve. I do believe independents will come out - if Republicans (of all kinds) come out then we can extend the house majority and take the Senate. Then I just hope we're smart enough to take the right actions to ensure we get the Oval Office in 2016.
And therein lies the rub. Unless there is funding tied to the unraveling a number of community, not-for-profit hospitals will be hurt. This begs for the old Laurel and Hardy line : it's ANOTHER fine mess you've gotten us into....!"
One can only hope and pray you are right,
The direction ought to be a gradual move to a flat tax, pure and simple. Another option could be a low value-added tax but in either case we need to totally overhaul the taxation in this country.
The reality is that the program has a worthy cause but little or no accountability. Audit it, determine what the problems are, and hold the folks that screwed it up accountable ( and I include jail-time as a VERY appropriate form of accountability). Then make sure that in the future it does what it is supposed to do. To do otherwise is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
...can't degenerate...
We can't let the midterms go by and NOT win the Senate. Clinton was forced to the center with the results of the '96 elections. Obama can be forced to the center if the Senate can be taken in November. But the GOP can degenerate into a "fight every battle" and lose site of the war. I get extremely weary about the comments made about "RINOs." Like everything else in life, politics are on a continuum. The Tea Party HAS to realize the same thing that moderate Republicans have to realize - NOT EVERYBODY agrees with them. But there does need to be a general consensus of the best path forward. To make progress we can't fight every battle. The war will be lost by the opposition flanking us while we fight everything.
Nothing that had any teeth to it was going to get through the Senate with Harry Reid in charge - NOTHING. The battle would have been lost and the take-away would have been "those obstructionist Republicans are at it again." We have to consolidate and unify and the fight over whose ox to gore (Keystone or Obamacare) was going to do neither.
There are times when a fight makes sense. This wasn't one of them. The battle would have been lost and the war (2014 midterms) put in jeopardy. We were all so sure that Obama would lose the 2012 election; we were cocky after the 2010 midterms. For a lot of folks the reality of what happened hasn't set in. Our cockiness resulted in 2 more years of failed policies. I think what McConnell and Boehner are looking at is the best way to make sure that the 2 more years doesn't become 4 more years. The only way to do that is to do everything possible to ensure a Republican landslide in November. Fighting the debt ceiling and fragmenting the party even more was nothing but a lose-lose situation and undoubtedly would have hurt the chances of taking over the Senate in November.
One of the things that the President and the Congressional democrats failed to consider was that one of the main reasons the uninsured were uninsured; the COST of insurance. Many of the lower middle class and working poor still can't afford the insurance because, even though they might get some subsidy, it's still more more out of their check-to-check pockets each month.
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