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The Seven Most Disturbing Moments So Far in Barack Obama's Presidency

Ken6226 Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 4:49 PM
"Almost all economists (both sides) have made quite clear that the Bush years impact is still prevalent because of the lack of change in policy." So where's all the "hope and change" your beloved Obama promised us? "Actually, FDR showed that you can spend and tax, which led the country of depression." Wrong again. World War II got us out of the Depression. Many economists believe the New Deal only made things worse. "It was a rough go but the middle class was built and began to thrive right up to the 80's." Yeah, those years under Carter were the good ol' days, weren't they? (Sarcasm intended). I've seen some people who are out of touch with reality, but you take the proverbial cake.

Picking out the most disturbing moments of Barack Obama's presidency is kind of like trying to choose the wettest parts of the ocean. Other than his "Even a blind squirrel sometimes gets a nut" moment where he said "yes" when the SEALS asked if they were allowed to kill Osama Bin Laden, his entire presidency has been one long, slow motion bamboo shoot sliding under the country's fingernails. So, everyone reading will probably be able to think of a few national nightmares that aren't included.

7) Obama bows to a Saudi King: Had Obama spent his childhood entirely in the United...