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Pro-abortionists say they want abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare", but they really only want it kept legal. They're willing to negotiate on safe and rare.
So much for "safe, legal, and rare", huh?
I liked "Fireproof" myself, and thought Kirk Cameron did a fine job.
I still think Marie Harf should quit bleaching her hair. It probably wouldn't help her intellect, but at least she'd be less stereotyped.
Do you think the administration brought up Kony for any reason other than a red herring to distract attention from Obama's inaction?
Obama keeps making excuses for ISIS. How many Christians in America are making excuses for Kony?
As a Christian, I openly denounce anyone that perpetrates rape or murder in the name of Christ. How many Muslims have denounced ISIS?
I thought that was why you were criticizing the government.
"It's easier for him to lump everyone together who doesn't agree with him." Kind of like you did with your snide comment about Baby Boomers, huh?
"FDR packed the court by upping it to 9 to ensure that he got his way on almost everything." The Supreme Court had 9 members long before FDR. He attempted to expand it and failed. Take a history class.
"Nevertheless, there is a difference between insulting boomers and insulting an individual boomer directly." My point still stands. She insults people, so she has no business complaining if others insult her.
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