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And yet, he sold out his own constituents on Obamacare. To borrow a phrase from John Wayne, he and Hillary are "two sides of a counterfeit coin".
Translation: "If you fell for Obamacare, you'll believe ANYTHING!!"
Another ObamaCare failure, eh? How many does this make?
Before Obamacare, the Canadians were coming HERE.
Who represented Michael Brown? HE WASN'T THE ONE ON TRIAL!!!!
I can think of a lot of smells that would describe Hillary, but a new car ain't one of them.
"Academic freedom" is such a crock.
"Was so! Was so!" - President Obama
I doubt seriously this is going to prevent lawsuits. What if same-sex couples claim they have a "right" to a church wedding?
If same-sex marriage is wrong, then it's wrong. These pastors are essentially saying, "Do what you want, but leave us out of it." That sounds like the way of cowards to me.
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