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No, they should not consider restoring the filibuster until Democrats ask them to do so. If the Democrats do ask, Republicans should drag it out as long as possible and make them sweat, and even then I'm not sure they should give in. If the Democrats complain, Republicans should tell them, "You made this bed. Sleep in it."
The Democrats made this bed. Let them sleep in it.
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Is Law Optional?

Ken6226 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 12:34 PM
Is law optional? According to the left, yes. One liberal troll on this site once said the Constitution is just a series of suggestions on how to run the government. How can you talk sense to people who are that senseless?
This guy has already proven himself to be a bigger liar than Obama, so why should we believe anything he says?
WJF - Agreed! That's why I've not been coming here as much lately, because I see too much whining about how terrible Republicans are. It makes me wonder if they're just a bunch of liberal trolls in disguise.
I still think Hillary's theme song should be "Stand By Your Man".
They'll need more than that. It takes 67 votes to override a veto.
Flaming Liberal Meathead, keep your fantasise to yourself, huh?
Talk is cheap. What has Al Sharpton DONE about the riots, other than place the blame on "whitey"?
Where were you when your beloved Al Sharpton was fanning the flames?
Liberals are only generous with other people's money.
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