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ericynot asks, "What 'war on women'?" Funny, I ask the same thing of you leftists regularly. You have yet to answer.
"His incredible ignorance of basic biology coupled with his insensitivity made him unfit to hold any office." So why does Joe Biden get a pass? Or Bill Clinton?
A Democrat denounce another Democrat? That'll be the day.
Isn't this the same guy that did the live telecast in which he opened Al Capone's vaults, and found nothing in them but debris? Didn't he also host a talk show in which he had Skinheads on the same stage with Black Panthers, and ended up with a broken nose? I don't think he has much business calling ANYONE "stupid".
Do you get the impression that the Demwits are woefully out of touch with reality?
"Talk about ignorance and blindness to the truth." Yep, that's Democrats for you. I'm glad you finally agree.
"Odd" and "highly unorthodox"? How about "stupid" and "highly incompetent"?
There are ways, but no one has the cajones to do it.
Yes, liberalsupertroll must be a satirist. No one could truly be that stupid.
"We want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare! Well... legal anyway." - The pro-abortionists
You posted this exact same nonsense on another thread. You're not very good at original thought, are you?
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