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Joe Clark would have been my choice for Secretary of Education, but he's getting on in years.
How does that make him unqualified? Tim Geithner is a tax-cheating politician, but he was evidently qualified.
Hillary's got to get past the primaries first, and that's far from a sure thing. Remember, she was the "inevitable" candidate in 2008, too.
"Stand by your man...." If you're old enough to remember the '92 campaign, you'll understand.
If you condone the assault and looting of persons and businesses that had nothing to do with the incident, you cannot possibly know the meaning of justice.
LOL! Since when does Obama care about anyone but himself? He would snub this funeral if he didn't think he could get some political mileage out of it.
"Proof of what a dupe Hanoi Jane is." Precisely my point!
A small percentage, perhaps. A sizable portion, never.
"If we really understood Communism, we'd pray that someday we'll all be Communists." - Jane Fonda (I don't know if that's an exact quote, but it's close enough. For those of us that do understand Communism, it's only another reason to despise Hanoi Jane).
"I like to spread the wealth, Jennifer." Yeah, but only if it's someone else's.
It's a typical liberal red herring.
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