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Maybe you can enlighten us, Quack?
george washington (small "g", small "w", and smaller mind) talks a good game when it comes to party unity. When a moderate candidate loses an election, it's because these mean old narrow-minded conservatives won't support him. When a conservative candidate loses an election, it's because his positions are "too extreme." Evidently, gw only wants a unified party when he likes the candidate. Being a mushy moderate means never having to say you're sorry, huh?
But you were evidently okay with the "purists" in Virginia that refused to vote for Ken Cuccinelli.
Some of us tried to warn you.
I've been banned from Wikipedia several times, usually for correcting their idiotic mistakes. Every time I've been banned, I've checked out the reason why. They cited articles I had supposedly edited; I'd never even read most of those articles, let alone tried to edit them! Their staff is not the most competent bunch in the world.
I've made edits to Wikipedia that ARE backed up by facts, but they still blocked me. When I checked the reason why, they accused me of editing articles that I hadn't even read! The staff at Wikipedia is not the sharpest bunch in the world.
Correction: it's only called "flip-flopping" when a conservative changes his/her position on an issue. When a liberal does it, it's called "evolving".
Eighteen percent? In the fantasy world of Liberal Land, that's known as "progress".
NEWS FLASH: Bush hasn't been president since January 20, 2009. Try to keep up, huh?
Lying Lois Lamebrain says, "I don't wish harm on people; that seems pretty christian." Is that so? Here some things Ms. Lamebrain has said: “I've not been affected by the rollout; aside from laughing hysterically at you all freak out!” “We just don't care if you're covered or not;” “just get rid of medicare; those people are old - they've had good lives” You were saying, Ms. Lamebrain?
Um... Lincoln was not a proponent of rights for African-Americans. For most of the war, he wanted to colonize them in Liberia.
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