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"Are you feeble minded like Reagan too?!" Oh, the irony!!!!
"Still cheaper than the death penalty." How do you figure that, Ms. Lamebrain?
Lois Lamebrain addressed another guy as "sister". These liberals are so perverted they can't tell men from women. Of course, among liberals it really is hard to tell the difference....
"The twin brothers who lost their HGTV show after a recording surfaced of one's anti-homosexuality views are surprisingly not upset at the network that fired them." In other words, they were fired because of their religious beliefs. Do you ever READ your stupid comments before you post them?
Logic is a foreign language to Lois Lamebrain. She's the same idiot that says, "Down with old people! Down with Baby Boomers! Vote for Hillary!"
I agree. He's a traitor - pure and simple.
Unfortunately, the Depression generation is dying out. Otherwise, there would be plenty of people to debunk the myth that poverty causes crime.
Would you tell a bunch of journalists that you "don't have a strategy"? Yes, Lois Lamebrain probably would.
If you condone the assault and looting of people that had nothing to do with the incident in question, then don't talk to me about "justice", as you obviously have no earthly idea what the word means.
P.S. No, that thought doesn't make me feel a bit better.
Don't worry. Obama will find some way to blame it on Bush.
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