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Ms. Lynch says she's willing to say no to the President. If anyone out there really believes that, please get in touch with me. That tropical beach property in the Yukon is still for sale, and this time I'll throw in a nice bridge in Brooklyn at no extra charge.
What do you bet Planned Parenthood opposes that idea?
Terry McAuliffe might not even have been elected had it not been for that liberal hack Robert Sarvis. I hope people have wised up to him by now.
"We need to be able to snarl at each other without the risk of losing our livelihood." Ah, but there's the rub. The left thinks they should be allowed to snarl at conservatives, but they don't think conservatives should be allowed to snarl back.
If he had bashed Christians in his book, the mayor and other leftists would be defending it as free speech.
If the book he had written was pro-gay, this would never have been an issue and you know it. This is another leftist assault on the First Amendment and nothing else.
So you're saying you don't believe in free speech?
He made the comments in ONE chapter of a book he wrote on his own time. You liberals always tell us that people's personal lives are nobody's business, but you don't really mean it.
"But if you make public comments that a growing propotion of the population find bigoted, you are going to have problems, whether you claim your perceived bigotry is rooted in your religion or not." So you're saying the First Amendment only protects speech of which you approve?
Yep, I tried to warn people that Robert Sarvis was just a Democrat hack, but they wouldn't listen.
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