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Gore predicted the polar ice caps would be gone by 2014. If he says they're gone, then by golly, they're gone!
I hear that comedy writers and political satirists are already rallying around him. Talk about grist for their mill!
More like "Run, Joe, run!"
Sounds like a Freudian slip to me.
Ooh! Do I hear the voice of a frustrated Democrat?
You are a fool if you think culture war issues will play no role in the 2016 campaign. Granted, the candidates may try to keep a low profile about them, but the issues will still be on the minds of voters. If Republicans come out in favor of abortion and same-sex "marriage", they will lose at least three votes for every vote they gain.
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Obama’s Onslaught Against Non-Profits

Ken6226 Wrote: Dec 14, 2014 7:18 AM
Liberals don't mind this because most of them never give to charity. They only believe in being generous with other people's money.
I voted for Romney in 2012, but I think he's "damaged goods" now. The last candidate to get his party's nomination more than once was Richard Nixon, and he just barely lost when he ran the first time (and under shady circumstances). I don't see Romney pulling off that kind of comeback.
That idiot has set back race relations at least thirty years.
Do you get the impression that this administration just doesn't get it?
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