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"Academic freedom" is such a crock.
"Was so! Was so!" - President Obama
I doubt seriously this is going to prevent lawsuits. What if same-sex couples claim they have a "right" to a church wedding?
If same-sex marriage is wrong, then it's wrong. These pastors are essentially saying, "Do what you want, but leave us out of it." That sounds like the way of cowards to me.
Obama say, "I just heard about this." Yeah, how many times have we heard that one? If every American was taxed a nickel for each time Obama made this comment (or something similar), we'd all be broke and the government would have enough to pay off the national debt.
Obama's trying to throw him under the bus, but he ain't taking too kindly to it!
Dear Mr. President: When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is... QUIT DIGGING!
I don't think impeachment would ever go anywhere, but Joe Biden is not a good enough reason to avoid it. Much as I despise the guy, I don't think he's as despicable as Obama (which shows you just low Obama has sunk in my book).
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