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But there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of voter fraud in this country!!! Translation: "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
Common sense is contraband on the left.
Aw, poor Willie is devastated that his beloved Mayor Parker caved.
"Dat right! He be nuttin' but a Unca Tom! He gwine agin Massuh Bama, and anybody dat go agin Massuh Bama be a Unca Tom! Massuh Bama don' nevah be wrong!" Obama's supporters = The real Uncle Toms
Since when do sane people live in California?
Lots of convenient "calibration errors" happening lately....
"We resent being treated as brainless sex objects! However, we will gladly sell our votes in exchange for a little sex...." Talk about a mixed message!
"The president's not relevant. He's gone in two years." I'm sure the President is inspired by this resounding vote of confidence.
What do you bet the judge is a Democrat?
Translation: "That man is political poison, and I don't want him to be seen anywhere near me! My campaign's in enough trouble as it is!"
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