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Beware of Liberals Who Come in Evangelicals' Clothing

Ken6226 Wrote: May 09, 2013 8:33 AM
"Don't you think that by only singling out compassion for this one type of law breaker they were implicitly asking for leniency -- AKA amnesty." I was present at the meeting where the resolution was adopted, and it most certainly was NOT a call for amnesty. "Ann Coulter offers up specific liberal evangelical voices that openly tout amnesty while cherry-picking biblical verse to try and support their views." She lost me when she branded David Uth as a liberal. She needs to do some research before she paints with such a broad brush. "Why is it ridiculous to point out their public compassion for the illegals while they ignore the compassion for those that pay the costs of these law-breakers?" That's only so much double talk. The church is simply ministering to people in need because that's the Christian thing to do.