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Who Shut Down the Government?

Ken605 Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 9:45 AM
This epistle from Dr. Sowell explains the basic fallacy of the Liberal view. The Non-Liberals of the country need to draft Dr. Sowell to deliver this message nationwide. If it takes buying air time on the MSM channels/radios, then let us create a fund to pay for that. The importance of this message is worth the expense. Drs. Sowell and Carson will make perfect spokesmen to bring in a New Dawn of Freedom to restore faith and trust in our Constitution. The SEIU and ACORN parasites will have to go to work to eat. That was one of the main rules in the founding of all the colonies which broke away from the tyranny of the King of England. That will be a reinforcement of that rule when we depose King Obama.
Their hasty departure will weigh on their claim that the Conservatives are the ones who want to shut down the government. Refusing to participate can be an excellent way to stop the business of government. It certainly was not a matter of conscience. That would require a conscience in the first place. Funding the murder (call if an abortion, if you must) of 1,000,000 future humans each year proves the absence of a conscience.
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