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Hostility to Tradition

Ken603 Wrote: 22 hours ago (6:56 AM)
Ultimately the left should implode. Let's hope it comes soon. November was a sign (the election) but the people elected are proving to be quislings. The left is a hateful sphere that should have zero influence, but our people are so unjustifiably arrogant and cocksure that some people should live as others think they should. There is a reason for this in our political-social-economic mess, but the reason whenever it is discerned must have its head cut off. What evil has grasped these horrid people. They have no lives beyond their gargantuan hypocrisy. Such loathsome people the left are....
Zuckerbell is a spoiled little brat. He oozes the precise personality it would take to steal friends ideas and pretend they are his. Rich as hell and even more repugnant.
Part of her problem is that she DID go to law school. Part of Obama's and Holder's problems are too. All three are anti-American frauds.
This woman cannot be trusted. She is a Obama/Holder clone, no matter her line of BS. She'd say anything to co tine Holder/Obama anti-American and anti-black policies. Anyone associated with Obama does not have the country's best interests in mind, or they would not associate with Obama. It's just that simple. This woman is a horrid Obama/Holder clone.
Troubling or traitorous? We have an Islam worshipping executive officer of the USA making traitorous decisions on numerous occasions. The scenario being discussed here is almost incomprehensible. Anti-American firsts are being carrie out by a totally seditious administration. Apparently what was done to get a(nother) traitor, Bergdahl, released reeks as an anti-American shameful act always does reek. ut being sponsored and stage managed from the White House is criminal.
Surely there are good kids among this class of young people, but, honestly stated, I don't really care.
It's da law. Remember the law? Is anyone other than McDonnell responsible for his felonious screwups? Hardly. Not one whit. That the judge's heart broke when he added the law license thing does not break my heart. This man was an elite, now he isn't. The world wins. We have one less elite. They are THE PROBLEM!
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Polls: Obama Approval Rating Rebounding?

Ken603 Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 7:29 AM
This must be a polling mistake crossed up with a poll on Martin Luther King. MLK? Absolutely! Barry O, I don't think so.
If we did so today it would be six years too late, but then we would need to add on his senate boondoggle and also that time in the Illinois legislature. Hell, we're already 20 years too late on this fraud. Better late than never!
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Obama's Tax Plan

Ken603 Wrote: Jan 19, 2015 7:15 AM
Obama's tax scheme will not fly. Even if some of it should. Congress has to contend with an impossibly arrogant and incompetent president and the president has to contend with an intractable and incompetent congress. In so many ways, all representative of our broken government, these two deserve each other. But, then, there remains the American people. I wonder when THEY will matter again, and special interest groups (Wall Street, illegal aliens, gays, et.al.) less so? Sadly probably not in my lifetime.
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