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He works overtime to not do what the people want. He should have been impeached a couple years ago, but the Repubs (congress) are pathetic too. Hell, even the Supreme Court is pathetic, 5 out of ten decisions.
The newly elected "vanguard" should not be given more than about 60 days, thru February 2015, to get some stuff straight again. If they don't then we should start calling for their heads. (for any snoops reading this, this is hyperbole, so relax and go back to computing your pensions)
The last sentence was weak in relevancy, but the message in this article should be tatooed on the inside of Obama's eyelids, and Holder's, and Napolitano's, and Reid's and Pelosi's, and Schumer's and all the latino congressional hacks running loose.
Obama's entire life is built on lies. Isn't this apparent at this point! The man is a living fraud, and we elected this snake oil salesman to the presidency TWICE! Maybe that is the real issue. How can a nation of 300M otherwise good people be so irretrievably stupid?
Pelosi is insane as are the voters who actually vote for this cretin. What kind of citizen wants this horrid representative in office? Important office? They must be sub-Neanderthals.
Yes, a pretty good summary of what might be considered soft, reasonable reactions to the flouting of prerogatives (and lies) that have been emanating from the White House for 6 years. However, a suggestion for just how we will secure and the verify we have secured our borders. We are going to have to broaden and upgrade our thoughts about how the border can, in fact, be secured. It's a hugely complex and challenging issue, but it can be done. Finally, securing the border isn't just about floods of illegals wading thru the Rio Grande, it's also about Islamic scumbags wading thru the Rio Grande. We must talk up and substantiate what we know, all we know, about exactly who is crossing over. Where in the h--- exactly is the former US Government on this? How much more can politics trump good sense, national integrity and national security until a fix is installed? What in the h--- is wrong with (the collective) us? We already know what's wrong with our serial liar president. What about the rest of us? Are we all brain-dead? Our southern border issue is HUGE.
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Playing with Constitutional Fire

Ken603 Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 7:01 AM
One of the best and most balanced breakdowns of what Obama is doing. Thank you Judge. Now, why dither, let's just impeach the SOB and see what shakes out. I don't want a Louis XIV in the White House. Do you?
Yes, enshrine the lunatic Perlosi as being representative of the knuckledragging stupidity and danger that is present in our far left wing of government, which includes Obama, Biden, Reid, Schumer, and all the rest of the dregs that made it thru various wickets to political power ... to the country's ever lasting chagrin and shame. These people ARE THE PROBLEM.
What a pair, Obama and Pelosi, both supremely dangerous to good governance. The former is the most twisted anti-American ideologue ever to actually work in the White House, and Pelosi is certifiably (look into her eyes if you dare) insane. She should be removed from congress in a straightjacket and put away.
Interesting, but is our principle concern what illegals pay to sneak in and all the stats that lead to such calculations? Or having "bonds" to allow people to sidestep the legal immigration process? Where is the part about protecting American workers? Where is the part about dealing with the illegaliy of what is taking place? The article suggests we üput lipstick on a pig. OK. I get the point. But what about all the rest? Are our interests mainly how much illegals have to pay their coyotes? I don't think so.
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