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One of the most disgusting public figures in decades. Make that centuries.
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War On Women: Is It Over?

Ken603 Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 6:47 AM
For God's sake, give it a rest!
What is really "rude" has been Obola's conduct of the presidency. That this man was elected twice shows just how stupid Americans have become, Americans that I love dearly but no longer understand. That people walked out on Obola is a "statement" that this horrid leader, even anti-American leader, has duly earned. Obola marks the low point of the presidency in its history. How many presidents would bully his fellow citizens for mo the on end with the threat of unleashing millions of illegal lawbreakers into our society, some of whom receive better benefits than citizens. Obola is a fraud. I am disheartened that anyone stayed seated for his "speech" which is juts one more speech containing the same old lies. God help us. We are dragging along the bottom with this horrid man in the White House. The experiment failed.
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Houston's First Amendment Problem

Ken603 Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 7:23 AM
We should have the mayor's head on a pike, that would fit right in with her philosophy, so why not? Right....Carson wrote a good, basic article here. It deals with some essential truths that more should pay attention to, especially the likes of the Houston mayor, what's her name....Of special interest was Carson's quote out of the Allinsky ant-American hogwash bible, which seems to be where Obama gets his marching orders....Houston mayor, Obama: two real losers pretending to be oh so tolerant when they are the problem, the very poster people for what's wrong with the country, in more ways than political outlook. These two "horrids" are the antithesis of who we are/have been, should be (take your pick).
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Does Obama Care About People?

Ken603 Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 7:05 AM
Yes, and so much more. This man, this horrid, traitorous person in the White House, has been a con man probabaly since Punahoe (High School in Honolulu). He's also a bully. When is the last time you saw a sitting president THREATENING the country to unleash millions of illiterate peasants on our wonderful land, which will steal jobs from Americans, destroy our culture, and spirit away benefits from citizens for illegal aliens? This has NEVER happened before. The country is being threatened. Obama, this total lout, is THREATENING us with doing this. He is a bully and total fraud in every thing he does. He is a serial liar, a racist, and incompetent ... and there he sits ... who is worse? Us for putting this snakeoil phony in the People's House TWICE, or the man himself?
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Please, Janet Yellen, Shut Up

Ken603 Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 6:17 AM
Another representative of the Obama (national) Curse. This woman is insufferable, but I couldn't stand that moron Greenspan either. What a self fixated toads these people are. They are so into their algorithms they can't even utter a clear sentence. God help us. Yes, by all means, Yellen shut the hell up.
Although your last sentence could have been the article, you just wrote an article (that needs to be expanded upon) that listed several really despicable people pretending to be what they are not for all kinds of self serving reasons, and that idiot Warren, at the top of such list (well, lots of these nut jobs are at the top of any such list) probably needed to claim being Indian to get her affirmative action ticket into Harvard, a once great institution until it sent too many people to government, which in turn broke government under the weight of left wing lies and toilet training kind of ideas and social programs that would make Lenin do an Irish jig, all of which are too numerous to mention or attempt to list here. The ethnic "aristocratic" thought you had needs to be developed further, you did not do so in the article, but in the meantime you did state the obvious, which includes the total absence of any redeemable value on the parts of all those fools you named in your piece. Now, get back to the ethnic "aristocratic" notion again This needs some more development. And by the way, although I am ethnically part German, is there any way I can claim affirmative action benefits for anything? Just wondering.
Holder totally corrupted the DOJ. It is a nest of criminal-like bureaucrats doing political bidding, paybacks and bagman functions. I wonder if DOJ has enough integrity left to actually check, or insist, that same-sexies who claim to be "same sex couples" actually ARE same sex couples, and not just look the other way as we do in welfare fraud cases, which are surely costing taxpayers in the double digit billions, as if Labor never had it occur to them that there might be welfare fraud? Hell, the president is a fraud. Of course there is welfare fraud, and there will be same-sex social security fraud too, as soon as this perverse, special interest pay-back decision in implemented, from Day One. More billions down the special interests' drainpipe.
Your premise is a bit skewed, but it is possibly true. No. Corrrection: It is PROBABLY true.
Obola-Pelosi-Reid Think: We'll have to see how ebola turns out before we know what's in it. But don't worry, you can keep your doctor if you want to and the premiums on your health care will not go up.
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