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Yes we did already know that. He does not have to confirm it, it is universally known the president of the United States is a serial liar. And this national problem remains, he is still there lying and congress, which also lies in a serial manner, does nothing. The real problem just might be that our government is now broken, Obama has had almost six years to "CHANGE" this but this total fraud in the White House has just made things worse, by an order of magnitude.
I would have to agree with the rhetorical thrust of the article title. There probably never can nor will be peace in the Middle East, and certainly not between the Palestinians and the Israelis. We can pretend like there could be peace, but that would just be pretending.
It is a nightmare in Gaza now, but this guy is firing rockets into Israel. He is a muslim scumbag. A killer, supported by Iran which is, not it's people, an enemy state. The horrors in Gaza would not be happening if this killer had not begun the rocket attacks. As horrible as it is the mayhem in Gaza actually makes this horrid man look somehow innocent, as pure as snow. Total bunk. Total nonsense.
Wow, this does surprise one doesn't it?
Precisely. This would also hold true for the United States Congress. The Supreme Court has actually done something that makes sense in the past month, so we should just put them on Idiot Watch.
I am afraid you might be on target here. She is a glorious phony, a total concoction of self importance beyond all credulity. If she were to run against Hilarious in 2016 maybe we could see them both self destruct! Warren is an aberration who should not be taken in or believed in any substantive matter. We all should hope she never goes one step further, but only backwards toward ignominy.
The DEMS can't be trusted in telling anyone the time of day. The collected mass of these chaos orientated morons is suffocating. But they will get a comeuppance this November and in 2016. Unfortunately they have done so much damage in these past five years, which they seem to relish, that to beat back their idiotic schemes will take 10 years at full speed. At least. DEMS have proven to be a scourge, a real danger to the well being, sovereignty and health of the country.
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Today in History: July 18th

Ken603 Wrote: Jul 19, 2014 9:39 PM
Ted K was a horrid man. If you read much about him it doesn't take too long to see how horrid. That Mass. voters put this prima donna into office more than once is something the USA will be regretting for decades, maybe a couple centuries. In so many ways, like in immigration for example, this jerk pushed laws that only a moron bent on self destruction could come up with. The man was a phony who we never chose to look at honestly or critically enough to cast him as he really was.
This totally crooked slime ball should be behind bars. Impeachment is too good for him.
Warren is sort of a poster girl for just how absurd American politics has become. God, but these people are horrid, absolute and total losers.
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