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Why do Americans Hate America?

Ken603 Wrote: 19 hours ago (7:04 AM)
Maybe these slime aren't "real" Americans! Being an American is more than holding citizenship. Remember? They don't care about the USA (clearly) and we should not care about them (clearly). Every and any American that would leave the USA and participate in any way with ISIS should have their passports lifted forever. Let them find their way in the world without the privileges of holding American citizenship. We don't need these horrid, hateful people. Not a one. Good riddance. Let's pass laws now to ban them from ever returning. We do not want them back.
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An Idiotic Government with Idiotic Goals

Ken603 Wrote: 20 hours ago (5:20 AM)
Yes indeed. Mr Obama, aka Absolute Zero, please go to the blackboard at the end of class - you friggin' iidiot- and write "An Idiotic Government with Idiotic Goals and It's All Mine Because I Idiotically Say So" 10,000 times. No there will be no golf today, no rappers in the White House, no basketball ladders to dwell upon - you friggin' idiot.
This horrid witch should be in an institution. Look at her. She's nuts. And so are every last one of the cretins who votes her into office. That's where civilization has broken down, back in this lunatic's precincts.
You are brain dead.
The man is a total abject failure as president. The worst man to ever hold the office by miles and miles. I have never seen such a poisonous character in a president before, never such incompetence (this is saying something) never such loating for our lifestyle and our history, which remains great. Obama has trivialized the presidency and held Americans hostage with his unprecedented threats about what he will do at our southern border, a truly startling and loathesome presidential gesture, but this man does not care about the integrity of the USA. He is a perverted ideologue harboring notions of how to best disasemble the USA in order to see its role in the world diminished if not extinguished. He should be impeached immediately. He is in full violation of his presidential oath and has been for years.
The frat boy Bush is gone, and a much worse ideological loon is now at the helm, someone actually once a muslim and inordinately friendly toward these erratic rag wearers, elegant rags bought with petro dollars, as is most of the war equipment now killing factions all over the Middle East. You article is poignant and just the kind of piece that should be written on a garbage rag and rubbed in Obama's nose until he wises up. But of course, Obama can't wise up. It does not seem to be in his genes. So conservatives had better win the senate so we can impeach the SOB if he falls ever more in love with the chaos that is part and parcel of his Allinsky based ideological model. Re: keep those borders open cause it will further change the chemistry of the peoples of the USA. It was not that long ago that doing something like this was treason. It still is.
Yes indeed. You make lots of sense. The NFL is awash in money, drowning in money. Why should the public subsidize the NFL? Because it has become an economic colossus? Yes, probably, and therefore has political muscle, muscle the average citizen no longer has. (and everything is interconnected). I am often overseas and I like to follow the 49ers. Last year the NFL allowed me to watch with an NFL Pass for $79. The pass was good from subscription till the following July. This year it is $269 and doesn't include the Super Bowl. The rich SOBs who own the NFL, its franchises and all the garbage that goes with it these days, must be laughing at fans. I for one will probabaly never ever pay for an NFL ticket (to enter a stadium) again. I used to go out of my way to follow the 49ers in person beginning back in their Kezar Stadium days where I could be found many a Sunday. No more. That was then and this is now. The NFL, like the airlines and other large financial concerns, e.g. FIFA, Formula One, are off my list as important things. If I can't watch it on TV for free there is now a good chance I will not miss it.
There is not much this gang of anti-American frauds can get int that they understand anyway. This administration is a total pathetic bust, from the water carriers to the phony in the top slot.
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Support Obama’s New ISIS Plan

Ken603 Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 3:46 AM
Yes, I agree. After a million things done wrong, seemingly on purpose, Obama, the president we are stuck with for a little while longer, a president who at times seems anti-American, ideologically unsound, lazy, petulant, arrogant, uninterested, racist, incompetent, aloof, inept, ill advised, muslim, ill prepared, and even "foreign" (other than his all consuming golf habits) finally has something almost right. To take a strong stand against ISIS is the only way to go and the American people don't need a bunch of stars in front of them to tell them so. One error, however, is to maintain in any way at all that ISIS is not islamic, although they are muslims? Come on. Can't this man, this most horrid of presidents, ever get out of his biased rut nd just get something 100% right? What in the hell is this guy doing in our White House? Maybe that's the biggest issue of all!
"Perhaps we should all take a step back from our pedestals of righteousness and let rational thought processes have a place in our lives." Perhaps Dr Carson should take a step back from his pedastal of righteousness. How dare the doctor presume I am on any pedastal, or anyone else might be. Doctor, please just go away. I can't stand know it alls! As for Rice, he is a public figure and someone kids should be able to look up to. He flunked the test. Goodbye to Rice. It wasn't the first time.
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