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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Ken603 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 3:52 PM
Sibelius, no more than a water carrier for our corrupt president, was an unmitigated failure at her job. Since when did Americans forget what this means? It means that if she is on the public dole, whether she needs it or not, she should be sent home. Go find another job Sibelius! Evidently she has now accepted her total and unquestionable flop (which also had a over-powering odor of tying to resurrect a dead horse) and is ratlike leaving a sinking ship. Rats normally do leave a sinking ship. Bye! You will not be missed.
Immigrants have always worked tonto! The Irish, Polish, German, Scandinavian, Mexican, Chinese and on and on. The one difference, no group of legal or illegal immigrants in our history has ever been pampered like the latino immigrants of today. Not ever.
It is now a certainty that we could not possibly have a more stupid or corrupt administration. This nadir, this horrible rut we are in, is the most debilitating ever, the most injurious to the USA in our up and down history. Right now we have cretins wielding power, when they should be cleaning outhouses, in mental institutions, or some such, for all the good they do the country. Everything the Obama administration (including total whacks like Biden) touches turn to horse dung upon contact. This is an eight year total nightmare we are in and it will take 25 years to correct, all to our collective detriment.
Nope. I think the pilot in command snapped due to his family problems and decided to make a very large, tragic and diabolical statement - crash the plane into a hugely inaccessible plot of Indian Ocean to make everyone he want to hurt be all the more hurt. Let's see what the growing debris field produces. One thing for sure, the plane is sure as hell under a canopy somewhere in Pakistan. If it is I will give up ice-cream for a couple days.
There is "contempt" all around in this administration.Contempt citations should be flying and blocking out the sun! If Obama had not taken a $100M boondoggle to Africa last summer we might even be able to pay for the citations and special prosecutors who should start popping up too. (by the by, ever hear, retroactively, what was actually accomplished last summer on that $100M theft of taxpayer money? Ever see a White Paper on the trip?)
I tend to agree. Next, in football, they'll be full in a embrace kiss after scoring a touchdown.
Only five? How about trannies in the military? That'll be real useful (and hopefully will be reversed sometime soon). The military is NOT a social experiment, nor should it be a test tube for social experiments ("social" in this context carries the added connotation of "PC") .
Maybe all these cretins should have read the bill before they passed it!
We need a wholesale purge of our universities.Too damn many profs are totally whacko and worthless as educators. Waaaay too many.
Do people actually follow Krugman? Why?
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