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Obama is a calamity for the USA, a national disgrace to who we are and have been for our history, which does not seems to be his history. We really do not yet know who this man is, but he is destroying the country and the abject cowards in congress are allowing it.
If we don't have a strategy then a lot of people should be fired outright and the president impeached - and then we must get people to replace them who actually know what they are doing.
Whenever I think of the State Department, and I try to avoid doing so, I think of, generally, a bunch of "right school" (not all but some) efetes usually more concerned about employee rights (long hair, no ties) than affairs of state. State has been seriously broken for a very long time....
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Obama fails History 101

Ken603 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 10:41 AM
Obama is failing at everything. He is a hateful (against USA) cretin, who without all the benefits we have bestowed on minorities in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, just might be selling shoes in New Orleans. Can he campaign with a big wide (and phony) smile and fool the ignorant? Yes indeed he can. He's a master at rolling the ignorant. Shoe salesmen who are gifted can sell you ill fitting shoes too -- that pretty much covers this horrid phony.
This "do nothing really" outlook sort of sums up the left's point of view on everything. The issue is the tax burden not some loony ideological action against the USA. The problem is the administration, not Burger King. Now back to endangering the country by keeping open borders and giving away American patrimony to lawbreakers, in the hope you'll get a few more votes next time around. It's a crying shame the left doesn't move to Canada so we might regain our senses and solve problems which has been our strong suit till this group of anti-American poseurs showed up.
Re: What Obama does or doesn't do. If you are perverted ideologue, as the man who is leading this administration is, and you are doing all you can to shred American history, mores, traditions and laws then anything palatable to Americans (those with half a brain anyway) will be acts few and far apart.
Reid is a worthless twit, probably clinically insane. He should be a dish washer at a fast food dump in Reno. He is a menace to good governance within the USA. A total phony.
The Queen of bigotry speaks! And how I wish she wouldn't.
Next I would hope that DOJ would open an investigation into the Attorney General himself, the IRS, Reid's involvement in the standoff with the rancher, Pelosi's use of office to enrich herself and her husband, and Feinstein's use of office to do the same. The list is long, very long. Our present radical left wing administration is little more than a band of criminals, many of them totally nuts, like Pelosi, Reid and those of their ilk.
Romney is right. Obama is a failure. A horrid immeasurable failure.
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