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Warren isn't running - really good news and we really need good news. She is almost as fraudulent as the president, right up there at the world class level of phoney snakeoil salespersons. But at least we know where she was born, right? She's an American Indian, right?
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Is the President Incompetent or Lawless?

Ken603 Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 5:28 AM
The president must be impeached. So I would say it should be two years of prosecution, rather than more of the same. Obama is out of control lawless and he is so by design, as this alone adequately article points out. Now, since the congress is equally corrupt, inept and brain dead, I wonder how we might get this most horrid un-American president impeached? We would need a congress with integrity to accomplish this much needed action.
Excellent logic, excellent suggestion.
Social Security could be tweaked (i.e., raise retirement age) and we could repatriate businesses (and their funds being held offshore) to create more jobs, which is akin to tweaking SocSec too. Do just a couple things and we add decades to SocSec's lifespan in its present form. But with cretins in congress, and even the best of our pols are cretins, if it makes easy sense it will be passed by. The question remains: why? Have we become so brain dead? If so then maybe we are due to collapse sooner rather than later. It would seem so.
As an ex-military guy who worked with State for 10 years, you hit it right on the mark. Also, State is so far left they are in Obama country, just as loopy, but also as dangerous inane decision after inane decision. I have a relative who worked for state in a very good slot and she was more concerned that her staff could wear long hair than what was going on in the world. In general our big federal agencies have become polluted with perverse ideologues, or have become some kind of a social experiment, like social services. It is pretty pathetic. And, yes, they think they are positively grand over at Foggy Bottom. And they are positively not.
How about: the State Department can't think so it speaks!
Yes we did already know that. He does not have to confirm it, it is universally known the president of the United States is a serial liar. And this national problem remains, he is still there lying and congress, which also lies in a serial manner, does nothing. The real problem just might be that our government is now broken, Obama has had almost six years to "CHANGE" this but this total fraud in the White House has just made things worse, by an order of magnitude.
I would have to agree with the rhetorical thrust of the article title. There probably never can nor will be peace in the Middle East, and certainly not between the Palestinians and the Israelis. We can pretend like there could be peace, but that would just be pretending.
It is a nightmare in Gaza now, but this guy is firing rockets into Israel. He is a muslim scumbag. A killer, supported by Iran which is, not it's people, an enemy state. The horrors in Gaza would not be happening if this killer had not begun the rocket attacks. As horrible as it is the mayhem in Gaza actually makes this horrid man look somehow innocent, as pure as snow. Total bunk. Total nonsense.
Wow, this does surprise one doesn't it?
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