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The Queen of bigotry speaks! And how I wish she wouldn't.
Next I would hope that DOJ would open an investigation into the Attorney General himself, the IRS, Reid's involvement in the standoff with the rancher, Pelosi's use of office to enrich herself and her husband, and Feinstein's use of office to do the same. The list is long, very long. Our present radical left wing administration is little more than a band of criminals, many of them totally nuts, like Pelosi, Reid and those of their ilk.
Romney is right. Obama is a failure. A horrid immeasurable failure.
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Bernie Sanders 2016?

Ken603 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 9:20 PM
The man is not all that honest. He is very smart and very devious.
Obama and Holder returning to WashDC - two crooks on a taxpayer paid junket.
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Obama's Vacation Blues

Ken603 Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 8:16 AM
It is a disgrace to the formerly robust collective intellect of all Americans that Obama's approval rating is as high as 40%. A total disgrace.
It will not happen with the anti-American, ideologically perverted administration now in power. "The world isn’t some sort of fantasy milieu of earnest, huggy people who want to work together to forge a brighter tomorrow for all the world’s citizens." No it isn't and that any of our "leaders" would have us believe it is is akin to treason.
Not a bad way to respond. Another thought: maybe if the "other brothers" who are in power right now (Obama, Holder and Jeh Johnson at DHS) would protect American sovereignty at our borders and not overlook the rule of law for perverted political purposes, then maybe all the resources we waste on millions of ignorant (not all, I know, but most) peasants swarming our borders and devouring resources, maybe those resources, some of them, could go to black males, to help them break the horrid life cycle so many of them are in? One other thing, we have to take off our goody two shoes, perfect world, bleeding heart gloves (the progressives do, everyone does) and have black officers ONLY patrolling in black districts, wherever they might be. Blacks can do a hell of a lot more for blacks too, if they only would be channeled in that direction.
I hear there is a lot of testicular fortitude to be found out on the golf course, or having rappers over to the White House. How cool. It's all a real class act if you disregard our entire national history. This is what happens when a jive turkey ends up in the White House because the voters are all brain dead. It is not pretty.
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Hey Mork, We Had a Deal!

Ken603 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 5:54 AM
I think he did see it that way, but he was in big trouble.
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