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Well spoken, Star. The beginning of sanity in America is to reduce federal meddling into our lives, and to reduce federal government.
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Blinding History

ken5213 Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 12:10 PM
Good article Diana and Great Book! If you speak the truth long enough, it may be accepted as the truth one day!
GO! MG! I should come up there and vote like the democrats vote. Early and often. For you.
Why does one girl named Diana have more brains than those "leaders" camped in Washington, DC? We should recall all of them.
Obammy, our Muslim-in-Chief, lies like an Arab. He will not tell you directly that he hates Israel, but he says so when he uses the term ISIL. The L stands for Levant and includes Israel. So, when he talks about our enemy, ISIL, he also includes Israel. Israel is not America's enemy but a favored nation. Israel is Obammy's enemy because he is Muslim.
And so America is going to spend billions of dollars arming the mortal enemy of western civilization - Islam? Are there any sane people left in Washington, DC? This is our Muslim-in-Chief's greatest dream come true. Arming Islam with our modern weapons which will be turned upon us with a fury we may not be able to withstand. Remember, Islam wants to dominate the world and wipe out all non-muslims.
Perhaps when all US companies move their HQ out of the country, the Marxist will get the idea that taxation kills.
Glad to see this being reported but it is not news. Islam has been selling women into slavery for some 1400 years now. Just more evil being brought to light.
You will go nowhere until you stiffen your spine regarding the Islamic invasion of America.
Of course America stands with Israel. Just because we have a socialist/Marxist/Muslim administration now does not change the core values of our beloved country.
You shouldn't use big words like conflate. Lewis might think it is racist, or something.
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