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You will go nowhere until you stiffen your spine regarding the Islamic invasion of America.
Of course America stands with Israel. Just because we have a socialist/Marxist/Muslim administration now does not change the core values of our beloved country.
You shouldn't use big words like conflate. Lewis might think it is racist, or something.
How about the worst president ever!
These children are the unwanted kids of Mexico and Central America. They are without families and homes and will bring all of their diseases to America. Our neighboring countries love us so much that they are dumping their unwanted trash at out doorstep, knowing that we will take care of them. Lets stop this madness. Build a fence and enforce illegal immigration with the US military.
Pelosi, the Marxist showing her true colors!
Gee, if I were that soldier, I would at least offered to marry the girl or failing that, help her to get out of hollywierd.
Mexico, being a totalitarian state, holds Americans in jail awaiting the highest ransom. That country is beneath contempt.
Yea, the Marxist media tried to make a celebrity out of Davis because of her Socialist leanings. People are getting fed up.
the government's first job is to protect its citizens. The Supreme Court since the 1973 Roe V Wade decision has had 50,000,000 fails. When do we get to shut down the government due to their misprision of their duties? I suppose we must stay our hand against government because there is the chance to reverse the decision, but what agony!
She and Shelia Jackson Lee were apparently born on the same plantation. You do know that Ms. Lee has just been recently released from slavery. Is this why these people do not think?
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