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I watched it happen in Oregon and other small population western states. It appeared to be an intentional act by some rich leftists. It is easy to move enough nuts in from California and Washington, which had at one time the most communists per capita, to take over a small state. Oregon, for example, has only one representative, senator or governor who was born and raised in Oregon. They don't share the same values as native Oregon is not, as Rush Limbaugh believes, a Blue state. Oregon has no sales tax and votes no almost every year. There are, however, enough imports owing to high tech jobs and welfare handouts to swing elections to blue candidates. It is an invasion. Oregon went to mail in ballots years ago and that helps those who are not civilized enough to hold themselves to only one vote.
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Obama's War On Cops

Ken5061 Wrote: Dec 06, 2014 2:25 PM
Rudy had it right in NYC. You can't make excuses for wrongdoing. It does not work in parenting. The kid ends up rotten. It doesn't work in Ferguson, the perpetrators will just get worse. These people did/are doing wrong. Telling them they are doing right is not going to help, unless you are up to no good.
Is Trey Gowdy a plant? He got a lot of press about how tough he was going to be, then he wasn't, or hasn't been yet. That looks more like a plant, like letting liberals pick their favorite Republican for you. Anybody know this guy?
I don't buy it, any of it. It is just semantics. Obama is spending more money and not legally as I see it. The purse strings are in Congress's hands.
That is Gore's legacy. Obama can't have it. Gore did it better and got a noble prize for hypocrisy too.
This is the face of the Democrat Party and it should be destroyed. The voters have spoken. We don't like these Democrats either and we are Democrats voting for Republicans. These Democrats in power are not Democrats in belief, as are Democrat voters, these guys and gals are communists in belief. One or more is a Muslim in belief if not in the light of day.
You have got to be kidding. Without proper budgets, these clowns got away with spending the full amount of the last budget plus the extra trillion for emergency in 08. I wondered whether they were doing that and it that is why they pulled all the ballot stuffing in the Senate races to keep dirty harry in corrupt control. It wasn't right. It was criminal.
Don't you think this is the agenda of this administration and those who incited this riot, to destroy the rule of law? These individuals have been living outside the law. People who live outside the law must not want the rule of law.
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Opinions Versus Facts

Ken5061 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 11:38 AM
We need Gitmo. There were many Muslims involved in the riots of Ferguson. They incited it, they looted it. The death/deaths are on their hands. All Muslims involved in any way should be arrested and taken to Gitmo as Islamic Terrorists. There are enough to replenish the recent escapes. Stand by Joe Biden.
Sorry, I jumped to a comment. You knew that.
Now that's funny. No wonder he was so arrogant and obnoxious. He knew he could use his perfect understanding of economics to boost he economy at election time and some people would still love him. Alas, he was positive, and as we all know who were born and raised in America, only fools are positive. Go ahead, ask him and Pelosi and Reid, "How many fingers were we holding up?" We had a saying, way back when that you could always count on the Chinese to shoot themselves in the foot. The funniest story features an elevator in Burma they had to put in. It is like the Chinese trained these people.
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