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They have had their chances, so don't hold your breath. Do you happen to know whether more Muslims convert to Christian or more Christians to Muslim? We have had an awful lot of black Americans who were Christians lose faith and adopt this one for reasons we do not understand.
Some of it is spine, some of it is willful acceptance of Islamic terror.
Maybe he meant to say among Arabs. Often we do not include East Asian Muslims in the deal because most of our terrorist problems stem from Arab and Persian Muslims.
What makes you think he doesn't?
This is the first time we have seen Jindal in action. Very pleasant action for a change.
That went without saying. It is the silent Muslims who help the terrorists. Some of them cheer and we assume all of them feel like cheering. Islam will suffer, does suffer. There is no free lunch.
Maybe, maybe not. What is the population of Egypt? Iran must be a contender too. Iran and Indonesia have a population similar to ours.
Maybe she didn't have any experience. You would have to be stupid to expect someone who had not experience to do a good job.
Can someone get Cong Johnson to explain why Guam is so susceptible to tipping? It is floating, right? Well, we are all floating but not tipping yet. Maybe it has a tiny, tiny stem on the column holding it up. I have never been there, it may be tilted already, like Pisa. It would be interesting to hear more. How about it, Hank?
The congressman's salary puts him in the top 1%. It was him that Obama's boys were protesting. Obama is in the group too, so you know the protesters were not honest. But when you add in the non salary pay and benefits, congressmen are in the top one tenth of one percent of the population. They are all rich now. Some steal stamps in order to make the cut. Somebody point out a reg the congressman is in violation of even as he speaks. Come on, Hank, ignorance is no excuse, right. It was on the real estate law exam.
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The NYPD Turned Its Back On Liberalism

Ken5061 Wrote: Jan 15, 2015 12:23 PM
How long until those Federal Agents who took that oath figure out who the domestic enemies are? Looks like a lot of treason going on to me. However, only certain people can be charged with treason except in time of war. It has to be a declared war. Congress has been controlled by communists since WWII and have refused to declare war even though they could have and should have. It may be their biggest failing.
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