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Growing Rejection of Common Core

Ken5061 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 4:21 PM
Mrs. Schlafly, how do home schoolers deal with common core. Are they able to ignore it? Home schoolers are showing great results in academic achievement. The only downside was that they were not exposed to liberal tripe by brain washed teachers.
Bill Clinton at least had the Blue Dress when he needed a distraction to save himself from conviction and removal after he was impeached. The best he can come up with to save Obama is releasing terrorists from prison illegally and fussing over a deserter rather than a real marine in captivity.
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The Prisoner Swap Deal

Ken5061 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 2:40 PM
But how do we explain the mindless support for Obama by the leaders of the MSM and by every Democrat in either house of Congress? Do all of these people hate white people and do they hate America? Are they all stupid? Are they all corrupted?
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Yuck: Michelle for Senate 2016?

Ken5061 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 1:25 PM
She is just as qualified as Mrs. Clinton. She is just as qualified and would do no worse than any of the other women in Congress. They have not been good on national security. They have not been good on the economy or wasteful spending. They have not been good for the military or the service academies. They have not been good on ecology or climate. They have not been good on energy. They have not been good on health care or new medicines. They brag but they have done a poor job. She won't be the worst Obama to serve from Illinois.
Jerome offers 'majority support' to justify marijuana legalization/use. Majority Support was the trick our communist allies used to convince Americans that if they supported helping those little yellow people in Vietnam that they were in the minority and, of course, majority rules if you are a law abiding non communist ally. There are no admitted communists anymore. No one is stupid enough to admit to thinking that system works or is a good idea. But the Anti anti-communists who purged our universities of decent thinkers are probably believing in communism. Remember the slogan, "It takes a community to raise a child." Community, commune, communism, get it?
You gave the Post Office as an example so you may like to hear their latest way to keep from being profitable. Service to Americans has declined but service to the nanny state has increased. Every time I forward my mail for a month or more, the Post Office takes it upon themselves to write and change my address with a long list of banks, SS, govt offices and thousands of dollars of work ensues to unscramble the Post Office's unnecessary, undesired meddling.
Actually, teachers may be more likely to send their kids to private school than the general public or equivalent earners or whatever weasel word whatshis name used. My best students were teacher's kids, but I assumed that was because they pushed them to do homework, work for good grades, take good course, etc. Sounds like mentoring. We all need it. I never once tried to get an A in a course.
John, atheists are not fact based people or somehow scientific by nature. Atheists simply lack your faith in the existence of a supreme being, that's all. Most of the political/religious activists parading around as atheists loudly, are not good examples of and do not represent atheists in general. I am pretty sure that true atheists do not care that you have religious beliefs or what they are, as long as they are free to not share them and are free to not lose their head to an fanatic.
Most people who are rich, in this world, are rich because mommy or daddy were/are rich. Does that make it the best way to become rich, be born rich? Actually, the relatively few people who earn their fortunes and build something that benefits society in the process probably represent the best way to become rich. Many entertainers become rich but they resemble the spoiled brats produced by rich mommies and daddies.
A consumption tax, wow, wouldn't that be a good deal for someone with high income and low consumption, ie, almost anybody who is rich or tending rich. Why to go on your tax dodge thinking. We have a flat income tax, up to a point, $110k, except for about a small 3% FICA tax that hits all earned income. SS takes about 13% of all workers income up to about $110k, and is a flat tax until it stops. Maybe when it stops, high earners should add the same amount as flat income tax, not SS, since SS gets wasted worse than any tax other than FICA. Socialistic liberals have successfully gutted FICA as a old age benefit and wasted it all on welfare, Medicaid, and fraud, as in payments to Castro who probably doesn't qualify.
I do not think "percentile" means "percent" or "percentage" as intended by FaultyRoy. I have heard it used only to place you on a scale from one to a hundred as a percentage of the population. But who knows, if you use it, they may add it to the dictionary.
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