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A Penalty for Harry

Ken5061 Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 11:44 AM
Democrat Senators spend their time in Washington boasting that they do a better job than men just because they are women. After decades of claiming they are the same as men, absolutely no difference, equals in every way, they now claim they can do a better job of steering the ship of state merely because of gender differences. This is an odd time to brag about steering the ship of state since the ship they have been steering is aground. Didn't anybody notice these fools are trying to get out of being feminists?

WASHINGTON -- A couple of weeks ago, I elaborated on how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had at the time failed for three straight years to write up a budget in the Senate, thereby breaking the law three -- now four -- years running. I said that he should write up a budget in part to inform the citizenry how their tax dollars were being spent. How much was going to the Pentagon and our nation's security? How much was going into green fantasies like Solyndra and payoffs to the Democratic Party's friends. That would be friendly fascism, the left's...