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President "But"...Obama

Ken457 Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 10:34 AM
If Sheriff Arpaio is ever allowed to present his Posse's evidence about O's computer generated BC and the courts actually examine such evidence, perhaps Bammy will be made null and void. To all of you "Birther" screamers out there, show me a single document forensic experts analysis of this White House posted "copy" that can confirm that it is only a copy of a genuine document and not a multilayered and severely altered forgery. If our chicken sh#t Congress will act according to the law, Barry along with his hundreds of illegal executive orders will become, like him, null and void. Do it Congress or go home.
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Marijuana Laws: Going Up in Smoke?

Ken457 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 10:38 AM
Get high, drop out of high school, sign up for all of the welfare programs and become another loser in society. Remember, your EBT card may be good for buying pot some day if you can prove a medical need. And Obamacare will pay for your lung cancer chemo treatments later. It's a good life. Thank you taxpayers.
As a long time Engineer I competed against all other company Engineers for pay raises. If we didn't perform, solve big problems, take on major design projects and get the job done successfully and on schedule you got ranked lower and no increase. It does not matter if you hold the same job title. You have to perform to get a good salary. Being female has nothing to do with it. Work hard and get paid accordingly.
Cher Honey, what makes your hero Barry the Dictator so excellent? He has been spewing lies for over 6 years, hates white people (that's you), hates America and our Constitution, is a Muslim, has sealed ALL of his records, Wants immigration reform only so Democrats can get more needed votes, posted a copy of his "real" birth certificate that has been studied by 100's of document experts that all say it is a computer generated forgery, uses a false SS number, fans the fires of racism at every opportunity and you say Walker is a bad person? Really? Oh also, nice Turkey neck, next visit to the plastic surgeon, have him pull that tighter too. UGH. I wish you would have hit that tree with Sonny dear.
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Take the Presidential Competency Exam!

Ken457 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 10:59 AM
Careful Mat; Joan Rivers got whacked for exposing our g*y President and Michael his Tr*nny "wife".
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

Ken457 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 10:41 AM
They lie because they hate facts. When I ask one a question based upon documented facts, they change subjects and/or leave. Last resort they start name calling and get emotional. It works every time. It's really fun.
I've never hated a President before. After years of research, I find that I also hate LBJ now too for all of his dastardly acts and lies. They are all the same. Power is what they all seem to live for. How sad. I can only wonder, what will the next puppet that they thrust upon us, be like?
Speak not against our government or the IRS will audit you. If you say or do something that exposes Barry or Michael, oops I mean Michelle, then you may find yourself in the morgue. Andrew Breitbart, The LA coroner, Joan Rivers or Loretta Fuddy etc come to mind. Hey it's just Chicago style politics, no big deal.
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Living in Obama World

Ken457 Wrote: Feb 13, 2015 9:25 AM
If Hellary and Billy get back in the WH, maybe they can bring back all the WH china and silverware they looted when they left last time. Female interns had better run away before Billy finds them.
I got my first job at McD's in 1965. I sweated for 40 hours a week for my $40 after taxes. Plus they took $.15/ hour out of my $1.25 an hour pay for my "uniform". I loved lugging the 100 lb sacks of potatoes up the greasy stairs from the basement to the french fry area. The owner was a nice man but the manager was a total A hole. Dandruff, acne, bad breath, the whole package of a 35 year old loser. I was 16 and they made me work 6pm to 2am every day of that summer which was illegal. I ate the free food for about a week and then stopped. The only perk was the girls that came there to flirt with us dudes through the windows. My only job that was worse and paid less was my 2 tours of Vietnam on board a Destroyer. I raised two kids and only took them to Mc'Ds once or twice when we were on vacation and there was nothing else around. I still hate the food and no matter what they add to their menu, I will never purchase it. Good luck Ronald McDonald.
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