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Why do conservatives see the a minimum wage increase and higher prices as a direct cause & effect while skipping completely over the business DECISION to increase prices? In the article, the author states that Wal Mart will be able to "maintain profit margins by hiking prices a few cents ....". But the point of a minimum wage increase is to divert some of the current profit to the people that earned it - the workers. The point is that business owners shouldn't "maintain (the same) profit margins", and should divert either some of the profit or some of the executive (owner) wages to the workers' wages. Any increase of the minimum wage should be paired with a temporary price freeze.
The author makes reference to how the "Stand Your Ground" defenses are being treated in the courts. But that's only half of the story. The problem is law enforcement not understanding the laws, and not charging shooters. Here's a typical recent case in Mississippi where a homeowner notices someone breaking into his car, so he grabs his gun, goes outside to his driveway and shoots the unarmed thief while he's still busy trying to rip off the radio.
What is the evidence that Martin confronted Zimmerman? Besides Zimmerman's word?
What is this evidence? Besides Zimmerman's word?
Traditional views of self-defense did not apply to property. Even Mississippi's "castle-doctrine" law is written to only apply to vehicles IF the victim is inside the vehicle. Clearly, that's not the case here, and the local "good ole boy" sheriff is allowing this guy to get away with murder.
Being trained in the "handling and use" of guns doesn't mean you have the sense to know WHEN they should be used.
... and you agree with this ? This a perversion of self-defense. This is murder.
From reading the police-call transcript and looking at the map, it appears GZ lost sight of Martin not far from the clubhouse. The location was halfway between the clubhouse and the house Martin was staying at.
I can't - hence the verdict. And the problem legal handguns mixed with loose self-defense laws.
guns increase shootings. "crime rate" only increases if the shooting is labeled a crime.
"We were told that Travon came back and confronted George" - the only evidence of this fact is Zimmerman's word.
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