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What the author doesn't understand is that if the government owns something, we ALL own it. The government is the people. I like the fact that I own that much land, and with my one vote, I have at least a small say in how that land is managed. If it were owned by private interests, I would have absolutely no say in how it were managed, or not managed, or polluted, or "improved", etc.
Even taking this version of the facts at face value - it isn't Obamacare's fault that he didn't have health insurance - he was the irresponsible one that didn't get a replacement plan in place. 15% of $550 is $82.50. So he just couldn't come up with an extra $82.50/month until he could get on the website - where he no doubt found a much cheaper plan than the $550 (assuming he earns little income as a preacher). But - instead of adding some common sense to the story, add the complete gory details of the injury, then blame it all on that evil Affordable Care Act.....
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Crimea River

Ken325 Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 9:58 PM
Conservatives view foreign policy as a competitive game. If Russia takes Ukraine, we are "losing". How about we don't give a rat's behind if Russia takes Ukraine, or re-forms the entire Soviet Union - who cares? It's none of our business. Withdraw from the entire world, but stockpile enough weapons to wipe any country off the map - and just dare anyone to attack US soil. That's a foreign policy that will save countless US lives, billions of dollars, and a whole of trouble and worry.
Ridiculous article. In sum, because Nye admits science doesn't currently have all the answers, then it can be dismissed? That's what believing in a literal interpretation of the Bible so irrefutable, isn't it? You already have ALL the answers - even though it's all fantasy/magic. And the 15% figure is way off. 60% of Americans know that evolution is a fact. Another fact for you - when we die, we cease to exist to any manner.
And your solution to stop the next mass-killing is? More readily-available large-capacity semi-autos? Maybe a line of street vendors dealing out machine guns for cash? That will reduce gun violence, for sure.
I'm pretty much an agnostic, but I still celebrate - and cherish - the Christmas season. It is a time to be joyful and to embrace your loved ones and be thankful for them. While I don't believe in an afterlife or supernatural beings, I still believe in love and family traditions. It is unfortunate that this Christian's article was written with such a hateful attitude. It is also unfortunate that he furthers the belief that lawsuits to enforce the Establishment Clause are about being "offended" or about someone's "war on Christianity". Such suits are simply about preserving a very important part of the Constitution - ensuring that our government acts in a way that is accepting to people of all faiths or to people with no faith. The only way to do that is to be completely impartial. The author speaks fondly of his Jewish neighbor, but does he not think that his neighbor might feel like an outcast if his local government embraces only Christianity?
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The Coming Betrayal of Israel

Ken325 Wrote: Nov 14, 2013 10:30 PM
Why again do we care anything more about Israel than we do any other middle-east country? We'd be far better off just ignoring that turbulent part of the world. Had we not got involved in Kuwait in 1991, 9/11 would never had happened.
Wow, Kurt, you're a tough guy! I bet you have a lot a really big, bad guns!! That makes you even tougher! Sounds like you were in the military, too. What an awesome career choice! Anyone who wasn't in the military doesn't know anything about anything! It must be awesome to be you!
Shouldn't the headline be "Dear House Republicans ..." ?
It seems to me that religion is the basis for almost all "conservative" views. For example, the root of conservatives' anti-environmental views is the belief that God created the earth for the benefit of humans and we should do with it what we please (and possibly the belief that God watches over us, so He wouldn't let us truly harm the earth?). But also the anti-gay views, the fervent pro-Israel bias, the women-are-inferior views.... all seem to be religion-based.
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