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Ron Fournier was a big ObamaCare advocate at one time. Now he cries WOLF.
Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. Let ObamaCare whither away and die a slow death by it's own rope. If it's repealed the media will trot out all the anecdotal hard luck stories of a few people that might die or something. You all know the drill.
It's all about the messaging. It needs to be adjusted so people will be, I mean convinced, into believing it.
Another convicted felon set free to roam the streets. Protect your children everyone. Dinesh D'Souza may try to corrupt them. Oh the humanity. Where's the justice.
Don't ever criticize this presidency or the DOJ will find SOMETHING to persecute er...I mean prosecute you for. Meanwhile Lois Lerner...
In Colorado Liberals like their guns too. Been nice knowin' ya Hick!
Mark Udall says Cory Gardner will murder women in the street - therefore Cory Gardner "is too extreme for Colorado".
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Paul Krugman Is Wrong Today

Ken2896 Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 1:49 PM
All that matters is whenever he says something he sounds really smart. They think the same about Obama and Jon Stewart. Ridicule and mockery (and other bullying tactics) are PROOF they've won the argument.
The strategy is to get the base out to vote in November. EVERYTHING this president has done is a political calculation. He's never stopped campaigning because that's what he does best.
Oh c'mon, everyone knows that was nothing more than Bill being Bill. The Clintons are exceptional, and therefore excused.
Of course they've always been available, and it's not that difficult to recover them from tape back-ups; most decent IT techs could do it. It's will be fairly tedious and take several days, but it can be done.
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