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"Hard Choices" will been #1 in the Feminist Studies catagory for months to come.
Meanwhile: OMG! Kim Kardashian like bought a new dress!
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When the Last Republican Leaves

Ken2896 Wrote: Jul 04, 2014 10:48 AM
We need economic and social equality for all - and a powerful central government to enforce it. Kinda like communism.
The bodies of women are piling up in front of emergency room doors everywhere. If women are to ever be men, the government better make it happen - or else feminism.
Fly me to DC. Give me access to IRS Outlook Exchange servers and back ups. I'll find the emails in less than a week.
From the same agency that only recently testified "it might take years to recover those emails". What dolts they think we are.
He plays golf more than any white person I know.
I worked for a tape back up company and the VP of IT at a huge investment firm in NYC told me BY LAW they must keep 7 years of data archived...and archived in a secure off-site facility.
If you believe the IRS "lost" email files (emails compressed into one file), the same agency that depends on written correspondence between tax payers and collectors as EVIDENCE in CASES - you're being naive. I've seen agencies accidentally write over tape back ups, but JUST THE ONES Lois Lerner and other suspects had?
(1) Emails are not ON your computer. They're on the Microsoft Exchange Server (IRS uses Outlook as it's email client). The IRS MUST retain backups of ALL email communication because of pending cases that can go on for years. It is a LIE to say they write over their tape back ups every six months. They archive ALL tape back ups physically AND to disk back up.
Even a very Obama adoring, Leftist, IT friend of mine called total BS on this.
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