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Single women and suburban soccer moms turned out big for Obama in 2012. I'm afraid they're attracted to Mark Udall's rugged good looks enough to turn out for him this fall. At least Gardner is a lot better than Ken Buck was.
Poor Eric Holder, suspected of working with the IRS to prosecute conservative groups. Because RACISM.
And you'll have either Hillary or Hillary to choose from.
Note to Bush fans: That whole "compassionate conservative" thing didn't work out so well. Bringing the GOP further Left is not the answer Americans want.
The employer mandate will doom the Democrat Party for a generation. Gibbs knows this much.
You have to fit into the sweet spot - pre-existing condition, make enough to get a subsidy, and can afford a new bill for a few hundred dollars more a month. Plus you have $6000 in savings laying around to cover the deductible. I believe that's a few million people.
I signed up 7 times under 5 different names and I'm still not covered! Because Hope and Change...
40 million uninsured/20 million in private insurance plans - 6 million had policies cancelled + 7 million "signed up" = higher insurance costs for what again?
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Carney: 7,041,000 Signed Up for Obamacare

Ken2896 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 3:39 PM
OK, now how many have actually or will actually PURCHASE plans? If "signing up" means creating an account, that number is at best half. Once that first monthly bill arrives for several hundred dollars, it won't seem so "deserved".
Yeah, it'll take years. It's complicated computer stuff, like "code" and "web site traffic". They can't tell us how many people are enrolled in ObamaCare either. But they can tell you how many voting Democrats are in a county in southern Ohio by street address.
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