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How Our World Fell Apart

Ken2896 Wrote: 1 hour ago (3:09 PM)
The failures of his presidency can be directly attributed to Valerie Jarrett advising him.
He's just so cool! Too bad all these things keep happening to him, otherwise he'd prolly be even cooler.
See what just talking about amnesty did? Here's an idea: Let's not do anything at all.
The Obama DOJ investigating the Obama IRS. Now nothing will happen because of the "ongoing investigation".
A majority of motivated Democrats are suburban soccer moms.
In Colorado it's all about Independents and Democrat turnout.
I'd be proud to send some lead down range with Katie anytime.
Women will die thanks to SCOTUS ruling that denies them access to the healthcare they need. It's barbaric and draconian and horrific and stuff.
I've heard women and children are leaving Chicago for the Mexican border in droves to escape the gangs and violence
The only single women they can depend on in November are strident feminists. The average cosmopolitan gal-on-the-go occupies her spare time with shopping, eating out, celebrity gossip and reality TV shows. They might vote if a candidate is either a woman or a hot guy.
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