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Sore Loser? Darned Straight

ken2375 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 10:14 PM
It was obvious when the President won reelection by as using free cell phones and birth control devices as priority items in his campaign that our nation has sucken to the pits. It will proceed further down that path until the time arises when OBama is removed from office. Franly I despise him as he has by his own written words indicated his intent on destroyiing our nation. May god help you and our young children whenever his agenda is fully implemented, Don't be suprised if women in our country are not required to wear burkas within ten years after the Muslim brotherhood takes over. .

For four years Americans watched as the Obama administration delivered body blow after body blow to our economy, institutions, heritage, system of government, and world standing. Here is the Obama record:

The most people in poverty, in deep poverty, on food stamps, on welfare, on SSDI, jobless longer than 26 weeks, 43 straight months with unemployment over 8%, a lowest workforce participation rate since 1981, the largest debt, deficit spending, drilling permits denied, moratoriums put in place, bailouts, laws ignored, years without passing a budget, nationalized health care and student loans, state control of lending institutions and...