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That would lead to the assumption that she has a brain that could be damaged beyond the total destruction as she now displays daily. She, Ried and Obama are all alike. Constipation of the brain and constant evacuation of feces from the mouth.
Completely agree that for the most part that TV is a complete waste of time. All gevernmental agencies by the very nature of their birh are a total waste and fail to produce any results to benefit the public. However, they still exist and expend bilions of dollars on pure garbage and maintain their own welfare. Profanity and nudity are common themes and many shows reflect the lack of intelligence on the part of those watching them. Yet, we have the the uninformed ones like of those watching shows such as Honey Boo Boo voting for the US President. Might well explain why Obama is in office.
I readily agree that every one out there is not trying to screw the government. The governement has no meney accept for what you have sent in. Many would rather be better health. But multitudes who are in good health are also bleeding the system. People like me that fund those damn programs cannot simply be overjoyed with the process...
After working for 45 years (2nd job 10 yrs) my wife and I had planned a financially stable retirement. I lost her two years ago after 56 years of marriage. Now I am required to fund these fraudlent programs through increases federall taxation on the results of our lifes hard work. Under the current systems, we are damned because we did without for years in plannng for our own retirement.Someone must support the the system of rewards but when those few still working runout, who is going to fot the cost. Now days with government give away programs you can be wealthy by breeding children where the father is unidentified and grandma takes over as custodian with the gevernment sending large monthly aid checks. .
I frequently contact my State and National represetatives. I also feel that I am the only one writng. I surely wish that the millions who are disenchanted with the performance of our elected officials woud send hem personnally written letters.,. I like to believe that my letter might just be the one that pushes them to action. Please help because telling your neighor does not change anything.
Simple answer to funding proffessional sports facilities with taxpayers money is hell no. Go somewhere else with your team if you must. The taxpayers are not funding any more facilities for you, while many of your employees make multi-millions of dallars watching the game. Take for example. Major League pitcher with $20M contract. Works every 5th day, spits pumpkin seeds in dougout most of time. Paid about $25K to set watch a game when not on mound. Routinely works about 12 hours a week. The average citizen making $35K to $55K per year should not subsidize such foolishness regardless of what the Senator, Gongressman, Mayor or any other politician along with the restruant and hotel owners think.
Recently had company and took them to Olive Garden for dinner. They advertised a special of salad or soup, along with a main course item and a desert for $12.95.. I was totally dismayed at how skimpy the dinner was. Pasta cannot be a very expensive product to provide and must have a major markup for profit. The desert was tasty but in a small plastic cup that held no more than tree ounces.While on ocassion I will drink a cup of coffee with dinner, I'll be damned if I will pay $2.00 form a cup.
I refer to CNN as the Corruptist News Network. They are just a small notch above the networks that features other idiots of like thinking such as Chris Matthews. .
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Dennis Rodman Bows to Kim Jong Un

ken2375 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 12:32 PM
Is there some significant or even an insignificant reason why I should give the slightest damn about what Dennis Rodman does??????.
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Karl Rove Vs. the 'Far Right'

ken2375 Wrote: Feb 06, 2013 10:26 AM
Our hugh defense budget will remain high as long as we sacrafice our military members lives and the nations finances to be the protective force for most of the free nations in the world. Every since WW II, we have been defending other nations while they recovered from the devestation of war and grew in prosperity while we suffer under the financial burden of providing for them,
The establishment of a Tyranny can not be more cleary displayed then the ongoing efforts of the Great Divider (Obma) in my and your White House. That home belongs to us and is not the personal property of he and his queen. If they are sincere in sharing the pain as he so frequently speaks to, then the congress should put a cap on the White House travel funds expenditures. If he truely wants to share the pain, then stay the hell home and stop going on multimillion dollar cost vacations.
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