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Higher Taxes Threaten to Endanger Government

Ken1984 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 5:58 AM
I have no idea why this article calls INCREASING TAXES, "tax reform." Come on now, tax reform changes how money is collected, a tax increase changes how much the government collects--namely upward. Please watch your language! KenC

Amidst all the divisive talks that have occurred over sequestration, one fact has become abundantly clear: Democrats want to increase revenues. With Friday’s budget cuts set to take effect and a looming government shutdown March 27th, notable Dem leaders have hinted that any progress will have to start with more taxes, Politico reports:


"’Reid was noncommittal on the CR, but he insisted his party would seek new taxes as part of a deal to reverse the sequester.


’We cannot solve the problems of this country with cuts, cuts, cuts. We’ve cut $2.6 trillion....