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Sorry, fool, but it was not a party that invited a foreign leader, it was an independent branch of the government that invited that leader. The House has every right to have someone speak to them. The reality is that Obama has decided to diss the other branches of the federal government. He dissed the Supreme Court and he has dissed the House. He will diss the Senate, now that it is no longer controlled by Hairy Reed. KenC
Obama is a racist. He hates Jews and Israel. Loves the Muslim world, however. KenC
Interesting that the White House thought it was OK to let the British Prime Minister lobby Senators without letting the leader of the Senate in on that little ploy. KenC
And you know this for a fact. Right? Must have been watching CNN! or MSNBC. KenC
The deal with Iran is going nowhere with or without more sanctions. KenC
Don't forget who runs the White House. VJ of Iranian decent. KenC
Seems logical that the House would invite the leader of Israel to speak. After all, our racist president has declined to see him when he shows up in the U.S. The president is clearly a racist anti-Jew. Since he has Muslim roots, I guess his rank prejudice against Jews makes sense, at least to him. KenC
The fact is that in a war, you protect your fellow soldiers. That is the number one thing you do, according to veterans I have spoken to. In the case of the American Sniper, that is exactly what he was doing on a daily basis. You can call him a killer, or whatever you like, but he was in a war zone where you kill or they kill you or your buddies. If you are not a complete lefty, you kill the other guys before they kill you or your buddies. If you listen and watch some of those real, live documentaries of U.S. soldiers being blown up by IUDs, you know damn well that the enemy wasn't playing footsy, wasn't playing nice. And this movie is at attempt to portray what really happened. Guess what, I haven't seen American Sniper either. But I am going to see it tomorrow. I'd bet it is really great. And with Eastwood, you know a lot of thought has gone into it, a lot of heart. And I just know it is going to be a great movie for me. KenC
Think Lois Learner. She was being paid while on administrative leave AFTER pleading the 5th. KenC
They already have. Their prime student occupies the Attorney General's office. KenC
What really hurts is when the government wastes billions of dollars and just shrugs it off. I think of my tiny contribution (given at considerable cost to me) to the tax haul and realize it is being thrown away or given to others for absolutely no good reason.
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