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When have his lips ever stopped moving? KenC
I think you have your priorities in order. This is the path to take. Other things can be added to this list, but these are the fundamentals. KenC
And, I'd advise the Republicans to immediately hold joint Senate/House hearings on Fast and Furious and Bengazi and the IRS scandal. It is my belief that the president and Holder were heavily involved. If they were, impeachment is a sure thing!!!! KenC
After listening to Obama's press conference remarks, after listening to even Chris Mathews, after listening to the voters, I believe there is no other way to deal with this man than to impeach him on the immigration issue. The CRs will come after the forgiveness, and we all know that once Americans have forgiven or given something to someone, they are never willing to take it back and hurt someone's feelings. The American people voted. They indicated they were scared to death with what this president is doing and attempting to do and the direction in which he is taking the country. The Republicans have the green light to impeach Obama. I listened to McConnell, I liked what he said about returning to the old tried and true Senate rules. But, at this point, I think it is necessary to keep the new Harry Reid rules until the things that were done under those rules have been reversed. This would only be just and right, since what was passed under Harry would never have made it through the Senate without the changes. Please, Mr. McConnell, don't be a Kentucky gentleman in this case. This is not the time. It is the time to turn back the Obamanations that have taken place over the past six years. KenC
Don't be to hasty. After listening to Obama's press conference, I'm not sure that even a Kentucky gentleman can keep a stiff upper lip. KenC
Black voters may be starting to realize that Obama doesn't give a toss about them. Its his Communist agenda that's important. KenC
I'd work on Fast and Furious and the IRS scandals. I'd bet dollars that he had his fingers in both pies. KenC
Even Chris Mathews (tingle up my leg) sees the ridiculousness of the Obama position. "I"m going to legalize all these illegals...but if Congress wants to do reform, they can simply incorporate my executive action into their bill." Problem is, Congress has no intention of legalizing millions of illegals without strings attached as part of its plan to reform the immigration problem. They want to control the border, make it impossible for employers to employ illegal workers. They want an orderly immigration system. Even if they pass a comprehensive immigration law, this president will simply decide not to enforce the law. By the way, if any American thinks he can go work in Mexico, or even buy a house in Mexico, he or she is wrong. KenC
Actually, they wouldn't have to decide on a case-by-case basis. They would simply determine that if you were a conservative, you would have no rights--just like the IRS decided that you can give money to a political cause,,,,just so long as it is a Democratic Party cause, not a Republican one. KenC
The Supreme Court upheld the 1st Amendment. What is your problem? KenC
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