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Obama Bails Out Boehner On Spending Bill

Ken1984 Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 3:37 PM
Defund the illegal immigration scam. Congress can prohibit all spending for Obama's illegal amnesty, including forbidding him to spend money that comes into the immigration system from LEGAL immigrants. Come on Republicans, you are screwing your base. KenC
Really, we need to cut some slack for those poor boys who find it sort of kinky to cut off other people's heads (especially American heads). I mean, they don't often get the chance for a good shower in the sandy area in which they live. And water boarding uses far too much water. Next time around, we should offer them a good warm shower in a nice clean motel and I'm sure they'll confess to anything we need them to tell us. Dianne knows this. Why doesn't the CIA get it? KenC
Yup. Any time we finally talk some poor sucker in the third world somewhere that America could use his/her help in rooting out America's enemies, we then go ahead and make his/her name public so that he/she can get his/her head chopped off. Here we go again. It will take a few more years before we can talk some other idiot(s) into helping us so that we can do the same thing again. And we wonder why no one wants to help the good ole U.S.A. KenC
The phrase "self-inflicted" comes to mind here. KenC
Never hire a wimp as a lawyer. I once did. I won my civil case....but when it came to collecting from the guy I won the money from, my lawyer wouldn't do it because he thought that was immoral--even $10 a month forever. Anyway, I didn't pay him. I said, if you think it is immoral to collect from the guy who damaged me, then you should think it immoral to collect from me as well. I slammed down the phone. He was not a happy camper. KenC
Ah, but, remember, these are Columbia grads. They have feeeeeeelings! I won't be hiring one, however. KenC
These are going to be great lawyers when they graduate and pass the bar. I can hear it now: "Your honor, could we postpone the case for a few weeks. I had an argument with my daughter and I'm terribly confused." KenC
I'll ditto on that. She was hired for her liberal connections, I'm sure. Has no real backbone. Political correctness anyone? KenC
Maybe now that the Watergate school of hotshot liberal "journalists" has crashed, we can go back to real "reporters" (not journalists) doing honest work. I used to be one of those reporters and I have been pleased to see journalism spiraling down the toilet for a little while now. KenC
I think you have missed another Lib media disaster that hooks right in with the others: Namely the Lena Dunham fiasco. She obviously lied like hell in her book about her so-called rape. One has to ask if perhaps the UVA thing would never have happened if Lena hadn't promoted the idea that you can lie about rape and "dare not be questioned" about the details. Finally her publisher has come out to admit that the book wrongly failed to mention that the so-called rapist wasn't really as described. It was all intended to be a hit against Republicans, of course, but the publisher is agreeing to pay to have the whole thing go away. Personally, I think this whole rape thing is the latest liberal BS campaign to put down men and promote stupid liberal causes. KenC
We should all be very grateful that a Republican has won. However, the real fight can now begin. We need to convince our fellow Republicans in the House and Senate to put aside all the BS and vote like Republicans. Listen to who elected them and do something about illegal immigration. Do something about coming up with an American health-care solution that gives people control of their own health care, provides meaningful competition in the provision of health care and ensures that competition in health care keeps prices down. And, most of all, Republicans need to get the economy going again, stupid!!! And now, too, that we have everyone's attention, we need to point out to black Americans, especially, that the jobs of their young people are being handed over to illegal aliens, that Democrats are not their friends and that a strong economy is the best friend of anyone who wants to make something of himself. The Republican party is the best home for black America. The crooked so-called black leaders have been selling out black America for years. A strong, successful America can raise all boats. KenC
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