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Terrorism & 'The True Believer'

Ken1984 Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 10:53 PM
As we move closer to the welfare state, where the state takes care of our every need or want, life gets a bit boring and purposeless. But wait, here's ISIS promising a little excitement in a boring life. Hey, why not. I'll convert, be a selfless hero. It'll be fun. KenC
Before starting on this nonsense, please bare in mind that if money paid into government Social Security had instead been invested wisely, the taxpayer would have a 10-fold better retirement. KenC
Hard to see how we are outraged about these 90-year-olds but think nothing of letting convicted rapists and murderers out of jail to save the government money. And these same rapists and murderers aren't citizens, didn't contribute to social security and don't even like America. And then they are let loose to do it all over again. I'm saving my outrage for these criminals who are still in the country creating mayhem, thank you!!! KenC
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Where Was President Obama?

Ken1984 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 3:46 PM
The point of the article was to show that Obama simply will NOT call terrorism, terrorism in the U.S. KenC
Oh, it is from the top. You can be sure of that! KenC
Please don't let them sideline this thing on the basis of discrimination and nasty comments. And for your information, that is the first lady of the Justice Department. Madame Justice, to you. KenC
Yup, nothing to hide here. Move along please! KenC
Oh yes, and the guy in the "government" who gave Solyndra the money is now our esteemed Ebola Czar. KenC
Don't forget that in the case of Solyndra, the government used tax dollars to subside it, kept propping it up with cash, even though any idiot could tell the business was a no-go. That is because the guys running Solyndra were pals of the Democratic Party and the more they got, the greater amount they contributed to their friends in politics. Now that is what I call corruption, perversion and plane theft from the tax payer. Yet, wonder of wonders, look who won the presidency for a second time. KenC
Next time anyone says "there ought-to-be a law", just remember that those wonderful people, politicians, are only to happy to oblige. Alas, most of these laws come with extra taxes, extra burdens on citizens and businesses. Sure, we need laws, but be careful what you ask for. Before you know it, freedom's gone. KenC
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