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But, more important, send back illegals caught by our border patrols. Cut the BS procedures that take forever to process illegals out of the country. Don't allow illegals to have legal jobs in the U.S. Get E-varify back up and running. Prosecute the he.... out of companies that hire illegals. No discount tuition to illegals at any college or university, and especially ones that get any government funds in any way. If a college has illegal alien students, forbid them to accept any government student loans from any students. This federal government has made no effort at all to stem the tide. KenC KenC
Yes, and finally, let us make sure that America's poor can have these jobs. And don't give me the BS that American's don't want jobs. I was at the airport the other day and many of those pushing wheelchairs around the airport are clearly illegal aliens working for our federal government. KenC
And did you know you will never by allowed to become a citizen of Mexico. You cannot legally buy land in Mexico (anything you do "buy" is held for you in trust by a REAL Mexican who can be ordered to hand it back to the state. Yup. KenC
It would be better to at least head in the right direction....Namely border security, than to put up with people who came to the U.S. illegally and now feel their being here is a "right". When I migrated legally to the U.S., I regarded it, and still do regard it, as a privilege and an honor. KenC
I should add that Obama, unfortunately, lacks Mandela's understanding of the need to put aside grievances between the races and move forward into the future together, as One Nation Under God. KenC
The contrast depicted here is truly amazing. However, I think it is well understood by the author and others that nothing here said should distract from Mandela's place as a hero of our age. Even more impressive that Mandela's victory over apartheid is the fact that to help ensure the success of his people, he refused to let hate and revenge distract him from the need for his country and his countrymen, both black and white, to come together and move forward and advance. KenC
Actually, no, we conservatives believe in America first, unlike you "one world" types. That is also why we believe in legal immigration, not illegal immigration. That is why we don't pretend that it is not radical muslims who are attacking the west. That is also why we don't believe in giving away billions of taxpayer dollars to appease those suffering from a nonexistent man-made global warming, don't believe in helping out Al Gore in his quest to make millions on carbon credits, don't believe in wasting taxpayer money on ridiculous and wasteful solar-panel factories, etc. etc. KenC
Fascism always comes from the left. Hitler was a National SOCIALIST, Lenin was a Communist, there hasn't been a right-wing fascist since kings and queens went out of favor. KenC
Sorry, fool, but it was not a party that invited a foreign leader, it was an independent branch of the government that invited that leader. The House has every right to have someone speak to them. The reality is that Obama has decided to diss the other branches of the federal government. He dissed the Supreme Court and he has dissed the House. He will diss the Senate, now that it is no longer controlled by Hairy Reed. KenC
Obama is a racist. He hates Jews and Israel. Loves the Muslim world, however. KenC
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