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Conrad: Worst Budget Chair in Senate History

Ken1952 Wrote: May 21, 2012 10:56 AM
"If we vote on it, it will go down." Well, it CAN'T pass if you don't vote on it. If you really believe in the Simpson-Bowles commission's recommendations, put it on the floor, and see who opposes it. Anyone voting "No" will show that eliminating the deficit is not his priority. I think what this is about isn't that it wouldn't pass on a floor vote. I think it's about a majority of his party's caucus opposing it, and he doesn't want to embarrass them, and the president, in an election year.

“By the way, Harry Reid crushed the Democratic budget chairman, a good man, a fiscal hawk. And there are good, fiscal hawks – Kent Conrad – there are Democrats acting so responsibly.”

In Washington – a land of mythical accounting and empty rhetoric – such a claim seems perfectly reasonable. In the real world – outside of Washington political circles and the New York media circus – it is absurd.

By now, most Americans are well aware the Senate has not adopted a budget in more than 1,100 days. For families and businesses, budgets are not mere procedural mechanisms, but rather...