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that moron disgraced Red Sox fans everywhere. What do you suppose Ted Williams would have thought of him? For that matter, what he would likely have said to him?
Do some simple figuring. Union households gave 40% of their vote to Walker. A majority of unionized workers are government employees. Other than police and firemen, who were not involved in the controversial statute, it is probably a fair guess that government employees, especially the teachers, voted overwhelmingly, close to unanimously, against Walker, and overall, that government employee union households voted somewhere around 80% for Barrett. It is therefore also a simple deduction that at least half of industrial union households voted FOR Walker. The guys brewing beer and making bratwurst, or Kohler fixtures, the people you think of as labor union guys, were voting for Walker.
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Disney's Cynical Pro-Obama Ploy

Ken1952 Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 8:35 AM
The Twinkie is about to go out of existence anyhow.
The Iraq war was not misbegotten. It resulted in the destruction of the brutal and hostile Saddam regime, which sent bounties to the families of suicide bombers, fed its political enemies through wood chippers, operated rape rooms, and opposed the US at every turn. Saddam and his equally horrible sons are gone. Kurds and Shiites who faced poison gas and forced resettlements are secure in their homes again. And the Iraqi government now is one that is at least by Arab standards friendly to the US. The mistake was not going in there; there were miscalculations after the military victory that led to our being there about five years longer than should have been necessary.
King Hussein was facing an attempt by Palestinian militants to seize control of Jordan. There was a civil war going on. The other side was aided by a Syrian military invasion in the north of the country. I supported the king then and would support him now. Bashar Assad may be qualitatively different from the old man in Syria. Hafez was an intensely practical (or cynical) man. He had no philosophical opposition to the US. When US presidents were willing to deal with him--as Nixon and the elder Bush were--he was willing to deal with them. Bashar on the other hand actually seems to support outfits like Hezbollah, and not just for the reasons his father would do so--reasons of expanding Syrian power into Lebanon.
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Class Warfare's Losing Record

Ken1952 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 2:15 PM
There have been two successful class warfare campaigns. Salena is mostly right in saying that TR and FDR did not engage in class warfare rhetoric, but not completely. Certainly the McKinley-Roosevelt ticket in 1900 and the Roosevelt ticket in 1904 did not; but TR's 3rd-party candidacy in 1912 dabbled in it. FDR in 1932, 1940 and 1944 did not, but his 1936 campaign was very much a class-warfare campaign, inveighing against "the malefactors of great wealth," and railing against "Martin, Barton, and FISH!" The great class-warfare victory, coming as it did as a surprise to most people, was Truman's victory over Dewey. That campaign was pure class warfare. 1936 and 1948 are the model. That model may or may not work.
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Ed Schultz's Wisconsin Campaign

Ken1952 Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 1:44 PM
Ed Schultz is a hysterical partisan; no question about it. But what happened to Diane Sawyer? She started off as a relatively moderate figure, a former staffer in the Nixon administration. Did New York City finally get to her? The social pressures of being at one of the Big Three?
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GOP Whistling Past the End of America

Ken1952 Wrote: May 31, 2012 12:55 PM
It's not accurate to say that Fox News has "hardly" mentioned the election. Greta van Susteren (who is from Wisconsin herself) has given enormous coverage to it, and I have seen segments on it on both O'Reilly and Hannity. And the conservative web fundraisers hit my email ten or more times a day urging me to send them money. (I'm not sure how much those fundraisers actually ever send to the campaigns.) But there's no question that unions have thrown enormous weight around for the Democrats. This could, however, be a last hurrah for the unions in Wisconsin. They have initiated one recall after another in an effort to undo the 2010 elections. The public has to be getting sick of it, and they know who's filing these recalls.
Goonishness is acceptable to the Left as long as it serves SOCIAL JUSTICE. That goal excuses every kind of lying, cheating, intimidation, censorship, extortion, and whatever it takes. That view of social justice is not new; it guided another country from 1917 to 1991.
"If we vote on it, it will go down." Well, it CAN'T pass if you don't vote on it. If you really believe in the Simpson-Bowles commission's recommendations, put it on the floor, and see who opposes it. Anyone voting "No" will show that eliminating the deficit is not his priority. I think what this is about isn't that it wouldn't pass on a floor vote. I think it's about a majority of his party's caucus opposing it, and he doesn't want to embarrass them, and the president, in an election year.
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