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America Cannot Do a Damned Thing

Keltin2 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 5:08 AM
It is a little surprising that any Mideastern countries would spit on Obama when he is giving them, pretty much, everything they really want. Perhaps it is misdirection. Maybe the countries have been given a backroom deal that says make it look hard on Obama, and the American people with think he is just inept, instead of giving away the farm on purpose.
She is still leading all vote getters. Don't worry, voter fraud will, somehow quite miraculously, pull her over her opponent by less than 1%...that's how Democrats do it.
Just a counterpoint, The 2006 was just the start of his reported police issues. Read and you will see he's been in a bit trouble since 2006. And after Jan 2009
Hell has to get a lot colder than 32 deg F
Are you saying Indians are sluttish? I hope you're not.
Townhall, you should be audited by the IRS and then have the EPA go through your headquarters to see what malfeasance you are involved in...imagine, not turning off all those gadgets so you can see TV.
Don't be a chauvinistic idiot. People can be members of a tribe and not look like someone on a nickel.
I don't expect you'll read it in Townhall, but he is a black man.
I think you are a little out in LEFT field, Gina. As a paleontologist and geologist, I KNOW we have climate change, and it is changing unceasingly. There is nothing at all that humans can do that will have a major effect on climate. It just doesn't happen. All of this malarkey about better gas mileage standards, There are very good reasons to have smaller, alternative energy sources that allow people to get out from under the bootheels of the utilities and the government (their enablers). It is better to completely disallow any government, at any level, to require landowners to spend money for greenhouse gas reductions, especially since these monies always end up under the control of government. Keep out of my pocket, government!!
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Big Day for Gun Rights in NY

Keltin2 Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 6:07 AM
Why talk about Trump? If he isn't going to fight against the Leftists, then just don't talk about him, he's irrelevant.
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